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It requires months of hard work to make. Some thobes have been sold to buyers for thousands of dollars. The use of traditional cloth is a celebration of simpler times, when poor Palestinian women would make thobes while resting from a hard day’s work in the fields. Rashida Tlaib is the first female Palestinian American member of the United States Congress. Last month she wore her mother’s thobe at her official swearing-in ceremony. The move has led women around the world, especially in Palestinian territories, to publish pictures of themselves in traditional dress on the Twitter social networking service. Rachel Dedman organized a recent exhibit at the Palestinian Museum in the town of Birzeit in the West Bank. The show centered on the changes to Palestinian embroidery throughout history. Dedman told the Associated Press the thobe is such a powerful sign of political expression because it is more directly linked to culture and history, not politics. “The historic thobe conjures an ideal of pure and untouched Palestine, before the occupation,” she said. The Palestinian thobe’s history dates back to the early 19th century, when embroidered goods were made mainly in villages. Beautifully designed dresses marked major events in women’s lives: the beginning of puberty, marriage, motherhood. Maha Saca is the director of the Palestinian Heritage Center in Bethlehem. She says the designs were different from one village to the next. In Bethlehem, for example, wealthier women sought special three-dimensional embroidery. Bedouin women, who would spend their lives in travelling communities, made their thobes with large pockets for carrying things. Women from Jaffa, a city famous for its fruit trees, wore orange tree designs. Thobe designs also expressed women’s different social positions: red was the color for women about to be married, while blue was for women whose husbands had died. Blue with multi-colored embroidery was for women who were thinking about getting re-married after their husband’s death. Arab women across the Middle East have worn hand-made dresses for hundreds of years. But the thobe has taken on a Palestinian quality, especially since the establishment of Israel in 1948. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians either fled or were expelled from their homes during the war that led to Israel’s creation. Many took only their dresses with them, Saca added. The war, which Palestinians call their “nakba,” or catastrophe, changed the thobe. Suddenly, making the dresses was seen as a way of protecting Palestinian culture, said Dedman. Over years of fighting, Palestinian nationalism has taken on many forms. In the early days of Israel’s establishment, nationalism was linked with calls for Israel’s destruction and deadly attacks. Armed struggle later gave way to calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. Israeli forces captured those areas in 1967. Peace talks have been halted by periods of violence and, for the past 10 years, a suspension of negotiations. Today, the internationally recognized autonomy government of the Palestinian Authority controls parts of the West Bank. It continues to seek a two-state solution with Israel. But the militant group Hamas, which seized Gaza in 2007, is still calling for Israel’s destruction. Many Palestinians, especially the younger generation, now talk of a single joined state with Israel in which they could enjoy full equal rights. Along the way, the thobe has grown in popularity and changed. During the first major Palestinian attempt to break free from Israel in the 1980s, guns and flowers were often part of thobe designs. Now, Palestinian women of all social classes wear thobes to show support for an independent nation at special events. “It’s a way of defending our national identity,” Saca said. The care, hard work and skill that go into making a thobe prevent it from becoming everyday clothing. But less costly, mass-produced versions of the dress have become popular. Younger Palestinians, especially those spread far from their homeland, are changing the traditional dresses to modern tastes. Girls are asking for shorter and less embroidered versions, notes Rajaa Ghazawneh, a thobe designer in the West Bank. Rashida Tlaib said her Palestinian thobe brought back memories of her mother’s West Bank village. The U.S congresswoman called her choice to wear the dress a demonstration of her love for the Palestinian people. It has since increased interest in the dress worldwide. I’m ­Dorothy Gundy. And I’m Pete Musto. _______________________________________________________________ Words in This Story dress – n. a piece of clothing for a woman or a girl that has a top part that covers the upper body and a skirt that hangs down to cover the legs embroidered – adj. covered in special designs made using a small, very thin object that is used in sewing and that has a sharp point at one end and a hole for a long, thin piece of cotton, silk or other material exhibit – n. an object or a collection of objects that have been put out in a public space for people to look at conjure(s) – n. to make you think of something puberty – n. the period of life when a person's sexual organs mature and he or she becomes able to have children three-dimensional – adj. having or seeming to have length, width, and depth pocket(s) – n. a usually small cloth bag that is connected to a piece of clothing that is open at the top or side so that you can put things into it catastrophe – n. a terrible disaster nationalism – n. a desire by a large group of people, such as people who share the same culture, history or language, to form a separate and independent nation of their own autonomy – n. the power or right of a country or group to govern itself ]]></description> </item><item><title>英语语言学习:在灾难中幸存的生存技?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-9910-441294-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: The U.S. has done a lot to prepare for things like tornadoes and hurricanes. But what about more extreme events? A major tsunami or a large asteroid hurtling toward Earth? NPR's Jon Hamilton reports on what scientists are saying about those mega-disasters. JON HAMILTON, BYLINE: In the winter of 1861 and 1862, California endured a flood that's often described as biblical. LUCY JONES: It rained for 45 days straight. HAMILTON: Lucy Jones from the U.S. Geological Survey says the rain created a lake in the central valleys that stretched for 300 miles. She says the flood also transformed California. JONES: It bankrupted the state, destroyed the ranching industry, drowned 200,000 head of cattle, changed California from a ranching economy to a farming economy. HAMILTON: It was a classic mega-disaster. Jones told scientists at an American Geophysical Union conference in Washington, D.C. that she's been studying the event to prepare for the next big flood. She says the California deluge was caused by an atmospheric river, a ribbon of concentrated water vapor that can produce extreme storms. JONES: They have the rain potential of hurricanes, or even more so because they go on for weeks. But they don't have as much wind, and they don't have the reputation that hurricanes have. HAMILTON: Jones says meteorologists have learned to detect these atmospheric rivers. And she says California now has an extensive system of dams and flood control channels that didn't exist in the 1860s. So she says it should be possible to start releasing water before the system gets overwhelmed. JONES: There's always something you can do to make it less of a disaster than it might otherwise be, if you've got enough information. HAMILTON: Another threat from the skies comes in the form of asteroids and comets. An asteroid several miles across probably wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. But Lindley Johnson of NASA says an asteroid just half a mile across could create a global dust cloud. LINDLEY JOHNSON: Causing the Earth's atmosphere to become opaque, and blocking out the sun and things like that. HAMILTON: So Johnson says NASA has a simple strategy for big asteroids. JOHNSON: Well, you find them before they find us, and that's the real driver behind NASA's current work. HAMILTON: NASA has found more than 10,000 near-Earth objects. And Johnson says the agency has a plan to fend off any big object headed our way. JOHNSON: Hit it with something really hard and fast, and the change in velocity then would change the orbit enough so that it would not hit the Earth. HAMILTON: The ocean can also produce mega-disasters. In 2004, a tsunami in the Indian Ocean killed more than 230,000 people. In 2011, another tsunami killed more than 15,000 people in Japan. Eddie Bernard of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says even Japan was overwhelmed by the damage. EDDIE BERNARD: That exceeded their capacity to recover, because in many cases, the entire city was washed away. Tens of thousands are still living in government housing two years after the fact. HAMILTON: Bernard says the result would been much worse in the U.S. BERNARD: Japan was much better prepared, and they're recovering much easier than perhaps we would, because they've thought this thing through. For example, they restored their roads in a matter of weeks. For the communities that survived, they restored electricity within 10 days. HAMILTON: A government study found that if a similar tsunami struck Oregon, some areas would lose electricity for months, and water for more than a year. Bernard says that's too long. People will leave, and businesses will fail unless communities find a way to minimize damage and restore services more quickly. BERNARD: The communities that do something will survive, and the ones that don't will be ghost towns. It's that simple. HAMILTON: The Oregon Legislature has been holding hearings this summer on how to make communities more resilient. Jon Hamilton, NPR News. ]]></description> </item><item><title>《粤港澳大湾区发展规划纲要》(双语全文?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-7844-441283-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[中共中央、国务院印发了《粤港澳大湾区发展规划纲要》,并发出通知,要求各地区各部门结合实际认真贯彻落实? Photo taken on June 6, 2017 shows the construction site of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge in the Lingdingyang waters, south China. (Xinhua/Liang Xu)   双语全文如下? 粤港澳大湾区发展规划纲要 Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area 前言 Preamble 粤港澳大湾区包括香港特别行政区、澳门特别行政区和广东省广州市、深圳市、珠海市、佛山市、惠州市、东莞市、中山市、江门市、肇庆市(以下称珠三角九市),总面?.6万平方公里,2017年末总人口约7000万人,是我国开放程度最高、经济活力最强的区域之一,在国家发展大局中具有重要战略地位。建设粤港澳大湾区,既是新时代推动形成全面开放新格局的新尝试,也是推?ldquo;一国两?rdquo;事业发展的新实践。为全面贯彻党的十九大精神,全面准确贯彻“一国两?rdquo;方针,充分发挥粤港澳综合优势,深化内地与港澳合作,进一步提升粤港澳大湾区在国家经济发展和对外开放中的支撑引领作用,支持香港、澳门融入国家发展大局,增进香港、澳门同胞福祉,保持香港、澳门长期繁荣稳定,让港澳同胞同祖国人民共担民族复兴的历史责任、共享祖国繁荣富强的伟大荣光,编制本规划? The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (Greater Bay Area) consists of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), the Macao Special Administrative Region (Macao SAR) as well as the municipalities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing in Guangdong Province (hereinafter referred to as “the nine Pearl River Delta (PRD) municipalities”), covering a total area of 56 000 square kilometres with a combined population of approximately 70 million at the end of 2017. As one of the most open and economically vibrant regions in China, the Greater Bay Area plays a significant strategic role in the overall development of the country. The development of the Greater Bay Area is not only a new attempt to break new ground in pursuing opening up on all fronts in a new era, but also a further step in taking forward the practice of “one country, two systems”. The Outline Development Plan (“the Plan”) has been formulated to fully put the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China into practice; fully and accurately implement the principle of “one country, two systems”; fully leverage the composite advantages of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao; deepen cooperation among the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao; further enhance the Greater Bay Area’s supporting and leading role in the country’s economic development and opening up; support the integration of Hong Kong and Macao into the development of the country; enhance the well-being of Hong Kong and Macao compatriots; maintain the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao; and enable compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao to share with the people in the motherland both the historic responsibility of national rejuvenation and the pride of a strong and prosperous motherland. 本规划是指导粤港澳大湾区当前和今后一个时期合作发展的纲领性文件。规划近期至2022年,远期展望?035年? This Plan is an important outline document guiding the current and future cooperation and development of the Greater Bay Area. The Plan covers the period from now to 2022 in the immediate term and extends to 2035 in the long term. 第一章 规划背景 Chapter One Background of the Plan 改革开放以来,特别是香港、澳门回归祖国后,粤港澳合作不断深化实化,粤港澳大湾区经济实力、区域竞争力显著增强,已具备建成国际一流湾区和世界级城市群的基础条件? Ever since the reform and opening up of China, especially the return of Hong Kong and Macao to the motherland, cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao has continuously deepened and become more concrete. The Greater Bay Area, with a marked increase in its economic strength and regional competitiveness, already possesses the fundamental conditions for developing into an international first-class bay area and a world-class city cluster. 第一节 发展基础 Section 1 Foundation of Development 区位优势明显。粤港澳大湾区地处我国沿海开放前沿,以泛珠三角区域为广阔发展腹地,在“一带一?rdquo;建设中具有重要地位。交通条件便利,拥有香港国际航运中心和吞吐量位居世界前列的广州、深圳等重要港口,以及香港、广州、深圳等具有国际影响力的航空枢纽,便捷高效的现代综合交通运输体系正在加速形成? Distinctive geographical advantages. Located at the forefront of China’s opening up along the coast and with the Pan-PRD Region as its vast hinterland for development, the Greater Bay Area plays an important role in the Belt and Road Initiative. The Greater Bay Area is a highly developed transport hub. With Hong Kong as an international maritime centre, major ports such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen with throughputs among the highest in the world, and Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Shenzhen being important international aviation hubs, a modern and comprehensive transport system that is both convenient and highly efficient is rapidly taking shape. 经济实力雄厚。经济发展水平全国领先,产业体系完备,集群优势明显,经济互补性强,香港、澳门服务业高度发达,珠三角九市已初步形成以战略性新兴产业为先导、先进制造业和现代服务业为主体的产业结构?017年大湾区经济总量?0万亿元? Robust economic strength. The Greater Bay Area leads the country in terms of its level of economic development. It has a comprehensive industry system, with a distinctive cluster advantage and strong economic complementarity. Hong Kong and Macao have highly developed service sectors, whereas the nine PRD municipalities have initially developed an industrial structure driven by strategic emerging industries as the pilot and supported by advanced manufacturing and modern service industries as the mainstay. In 2017, the gross domestic product of the Greater Bay Area stood at around RMB 10 trillion. 创新要素集聚。创新驱动发展战略深入实施,广东全面创新改革试验稳步推进,国家自主创新示范区加快建设。粤港澳三地科技研发、转化能力突出,拥有一批在全国乃至全球具有重要影响力的高校、科研院所、高新技术企业和国家大科学工程,创新要素吸引力强,具备建设国际科技创新中心的良好基础? High concentration of key factors of innovation. The Greater Bay Area has intensely implemented a development strategy which is innovation-driven, with pilot measures of comprehensive innovation and reform in Guangdong well underway. The development of national innovation demonstration zones has been expedited. Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao have outstanding capabilities in scientific research and development (R&D) and commercial application, and are home to numerous universities, scientific research institutes, high-tech enterprises and large-scale national scientific projects that have important national and even global influence. The Greater Bay Area is well-placed to attract various key factors of innovation, and has an excellent foundation for the development of an international innovation and technology hub. 国际化水平领先。香港作为国际金融、航运、贸易中心和国际航空枢纽,拥有高度国际化、法治化的营商环境以及遍布全球的商业网络,是全球最自由经济体之一。澳门作为世界旅游休闲中心和中国与葡语国家商贸合作服务平台的作用不断强化,多元文化交流的功能日益彰显。珠三角九市是内地外向度最高的经济区域和对外开放的重要窗口,在全国加快构建开放型经济新体制中具有重要地位和作用? Advanced level of internationalisation. As international financial, transportation and trade centres, as well as an international aviation hub, Hong Kong offers a business environment that is highly internationalised and based on the rule of law. It also has a global business network and is among the freest economies in the world. Macao’s roles as a global tourism and leisure centre, as well as an economic and trade cooperation platform between China and Lusophone countries have been strengthened, further demonstrating its position in facilitating multi-cultural exchanges. As the economic region with the highest degree of external connection on the Mainland and an important window for opening up to the world, the nine PRD municipalities have significant functions and an important role to play in accelerating the establishment of a new system of open economy in the country. 合作基础良好。香港、澳门与珠三角九市文化同源、人缘相亲、民俗相近、优势互补。近年来,粤港澳合作不断深化,基础设施、投资贸易、金融服务、科技教育、休闲旅游、生态环保、社会服务等领域合作成效显著,已经形成了多层次、全方位的合作格局? Solid cooperation foundations. Hong Kong, Macao and the nine PRD municipalities share the same cultural roots. Their people also have close ties and similar customs. The cities complement one another. Strengthened cooperation in recent years among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in areas such as infrastructural development, investment and trade, financial services, technology education, leisure and tourism, ecological and environmental protection, and social services has yielded remarkable results. A pattern of multi-level and comprehensive cooperation has been established. 第二节 机遇挑战 Section 2 Opportunities and Challenges 当前,世界多极化、经济全球化、社会信息化、文化多样化深入发展,全球治理体系和国际秩序变革加速推进,各国相互联系和依存日益加深,和平发展大势不可逆转,新一轮科技革命和产业变革蓄势待发,“一带一?rdquo;建设深入推进,为提升粤港澳大湾区国际竞争力、更高水平参与国际合作和竞争拓展了新空间。在新发展理念引领下,我国深入推进供给侧结构性改革,推动经济发展质量变革、效率变革、动力变革,为大湾区转型发展、创新发展注入了新活力。全面深化改革取得重大突破,国家治理体系和治理能力现代化水平明显提高,为创新大湾区合作发展体制机制、破解合作发展中的突出问题提供了新契机? The present world is fast becoming multipolar, economically globalised, information-oriented and culturally diverse. The global governance system and the international order have been changing at a faster pace. As countries worldwide have become more interconnected and interdependent, the trend of peaceful development is irreversible. A new wave of technological revolution and industrial transformation is set to begin. The Belt and Road Initiative is being pursued in earnest. These developments will help enhance the international competitiveness of the Greater Bay Area and expand the scope of the Greater Bay Area’s participation in international cooperation and competition at a higher level. Following the new vision of development, China takes forward supply-side structural reform and other reforms aiming at better quality, higher efficiency, and more robust drivers of economic growth, bringing new impetus to the transformative and innovative development of the Greater Bay Area. Major breakthroughs have been made in the comprehensive deepening of reform. The modernisation of China’s system and capacity for governance has been substantially enhanced. These developments provide new opportunities for the Greater Bay Area to develop an institution and mechanism for, and to solve prominent problems encountered in, cooperation and development. 同时,粤港澳大湾区发展也面临诸多挑战。当前,世界经济不确定不稳定因素增多,保护主义倾向抬头,大湾区经济运行仍存在产能过剩、供给与需求结构不平衡不匹配等突出矛盾和问题,经济增长内生动力有待增强。在“一国两?rdquo;下,粤港澳社会制度不同,法律制度不同,分属于不同关税区域,市场互联互通水平有待进一步提升,生产要素高效便捷流动的良好局面尚未形成。大湾区内部发展差距依然较大,协同性、包容性有待加强,部分地区和领域还存在同质化竞争和资源错配现象。香港经济增长缺乏持续稳固支撑,澳门经济结构相对单一、发展资源有限,珠三角九市市场经济体制有待完善。区域发展空间面临瓶颈制约,资源能源约束趋紧,生态环境压力日益增大,人口红利逐步减退? Meanwhile, the development of the Greater Bay Area faces many challenges. The global economy is beset with uncertainty and instability as well as the rise of protectionism. The economic development of the Greater Bay Area also confronts issues such as overcapacity and the imbalance and mismatch of the supply and demand structure. The endogenous impetus for economic growth has to be strengthened. Under “one country, two systems”, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao have different social systems and legal systems. They are separate customs territories. Market connectivity needs to be further improved and an efficient flow of factors of production has yet to be attained. There remains a relatively wide development gap within the Greater Bay Area and coordination and compatibility will need to be strengthened. Homogeneous competition and mismatch of resources exist in certain regions and sectors. Continuous economic growth in Hong Kong lacks sustainable and stable support. The economic structure of Macao is relatively homogeneous with limited resources for development. The market economy structure in the nine PRD municipalities calls for improvement. Regional development faces various bottlenecks, including growing constraints on resources and energy supplies, escalating pressure on ecology and the environment, and a gradual reduction in the demographic dividend. 第三节 重大意义 Section 3 Significance of the Plan 打造粤港澳大湾区,建设世界级城市群,有利于丰富“一国两?rdquo;实践内涵,进一步密切内地与港澳交流合作,为港澳经济社会发展以及港澳同胞到内地发展提供更多机会,保持港澳长期繁荣稳定;有利于贯彻落实新发展理念,深入推进供给侧结构性改革,加快培育发展新动能、实现创新驱动发展,为我国经济创新力和竞争力不断增强提供支撑;有利于进一步深化改革、扩大开放,建立与国际接轨的开放型经济新体制,建设高水平参与国际经济合作新平台;有利于推?ldquo;一带一?rdquo;建设,通过区域双向开放,构筑丝绸之路经济带和21世纪海上丝绸之路对接融汇的重要支撑区? The development of the Greater Bay Area and of a world-class city cluster will facilitate the enrichment of the implementation of “one country, two systems” and foster closer cooperation between the Mainland and the two SARs, thereby creating more opportunities for the socio-economic development of the two SARs and for Hong Kong and Macao compatriots wishing to develop careers on the Mainland, as well as maintaining the long-term prosperity and stability of Hong Kong and Macao. It will facilitate the implementation of the new vision of development; the stepping up of supply-side structural reform; the accelerated development of new economic drivers; and the early realisation of innovation-driven development to support the continued growth in innovation capability and competitiveness of the Chinese economy. It will facilitate the further deepening of reform and further opening up; the building of a new system of open economy in line with international standards; and the development of a new platform for high-level international cooperation. It will facilitate the advancement of the Belt and Road Initiative. By means of two-way opening up, the Greater Bay Area will develop into an important support area for the convergence of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. 第二章 总体要求 Chapter Two Overall Requirements 第一节 指导思想 Section 1 Guiding Ideology 深入贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想和党的十九大精神,统筹推?ldquo;五位一?rdquo;总体布局和协调推?ldquo;四个全面”战略布局,全面准确贯?ldquo;一国两?rdquo;?ldquo;港人治港”?ldquo;澳人治澳”、高度自治的方针,严格依照宪法和基本法办事,坚持新发展理念,充分认识和利?ldquo;一国两?rdquo;制度优势、港澳独特优势和广东改革开放先行先试优势,解放思想、大胆探索,不断深化粤港澳互利合作,进一步建立互利共赢的区域合作关系,推动区域经济协同发展,为港澳发展注入新动能,为全国推进供给侧结构性改革、实施创新驱动发展战略、构建开放型经济新体制提供支撑,建设富有活力和国际竞争力的一流湾区和世界级城市群,打造高质量发展的典范? To fully apply Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, coordinate the implementation of the “Five-sphere Integrated Plan” and the “Four-pronged Comprehensive Strategy”, fully and faithfully implement the principle of “one country, two systems” under which the people of Hong Kong govern Hong Kong, the people of Macao govern Macao with a high degree of autonomy, act in strict adherence to the Constitution and the Basic Laws, remain committed to the new vision of development, fully understand and utilise the systemic strengths of “one country, two systems”, the unique strengths of Hong Kong and Macao, as well as the strengths of early and pilot implementation of reform and opening up in Guangdong, emancipate the mind and explore boldly, continuously deepen mutually beneficial cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, further establish a mutually beneficial relationship in regional cooperation, promote coordinated regional economic development, give new impetus to the development of Hong Kong and Macao, provide support for national supply-side structural reform, the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy and the building of a new system of an open economy, develop a vibrant and internationally competitive first-class bay area and world-class city cluster, and build a role model of high-quality development. 第二节 基本原则 Section 2 Basic Principles 创新驱动,改革引领。实施创新驱动发展战略,完善区域协同创新体系,集聚国际创新资源,建设具有国际竞争力的创新发展区域。全面深化改革,推动重点领域和关键环节改革取得新突破,释放改革红利,促进各类要素在大湾区便捷流动和优化配置? To be driven by innovation and led by reform. To implement the innovation-driven development strategy, improve the regional synergistic innovation system, pool together international innovation resources, and develop an internationally competitive innovation development area. To comprehensively deepen reform, encourage new breakthroughs in reform in key areas and core fields, reap the dividends of reform, and foster the convenient flow and optimal distribution of various factors within the Greater Bay Area. 协调发展,统筹兼顾。实施区域协调发展战略,充分发挥各地区比较优势,加强政策协调和规划衔接,优化区域功能布局,推动区域城乡协调发展,不断增强发展的整体性? To coordinate development and plan holistically. To implement the coordinated regional development strategy, fully leverage the comparative advantages of different areas, strengthen policy coordination and planning interface, improve the positioning of different places in the region, promote coordinated development of urban and rural areas in the region, and continuously enhance the holistic nature of development. 绿色发展,保护生态。大力推进生态文明建设,树立绿色发展理念,坚持节约资源和保护环境的基本国策,实行最严格的生态环境保护制度,坚持最严格的耕地保护制度和最严格的节约用地制度,推动形成绿色低碳的生产生活方式和城市建设运营模式,为居民提供良好生态环境,促进大湾区可持续发展? To pursue green development and ecological conservation. To vigorously take forward ecological conservation, establish the approach of green development, uphold state policies on saving resources and protecting the environment, implement the most rigorous ecological protection system, adhere to the most rigorous farmland protection system and the most economical land use system, promote the adoption of green and low-carbon production methods and lifestyles as well as modes of urban development and operation, provide a good ecological environment for residents, and facilitate sustainable development of the Greater Bay Area. 开放合作,互利共赢。以“一带一?rdquo;建设为重点,构建开放型经济新体制,打造高水平开放平台,对接高标准贸易投资规则,加快培育国际合作和竞争新优势。充分发挥港澳独特优势,创新完善各领域开放合作体制机制,深化内地与港澳互利合作? To open up and cooperate and achieve a win-win outcome. To adopt the Belt and Road Initiative as an important focal point, develop a new system for an open economy, create a high-level platform for opening up, converge with high-standard trade and investment rules, and accelerate the development of new edges in international cooperation and competition. To fully leverage the unique advantages of Hong Kong and Macao, create and improve the open cooperation systems and mechanisms in various fields, and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao. 共享发展,改善民生。坚持以人民为中心的发展思想,让改革发展成果更多更公平惠及全体人民。提高保障和改善民生水平,加大优质公共产品和服务供给,不断促进社会公平正义,使大湾区居民获得感、幸福感、安全感更加充实、更有保障、更可持续? To share the benefits of development and improve people’s livelihood. To uphold the philosophy of people-centred development, and enable all people to enjoy more benefits of reform in a more equal manner. To better protect and improve people’s livelihood, increase the supply of quality public goods and services, continuously promote social equality and justice, and afford people living in the Greater Bay Area a fuller, more protected and more sustainable sense of fulfilment, well-being and security. “一国两?rdquo;,依法办事。把坚持“一?rdquo;原则和尊?ldquo;两制”差异有机结合起来,坚?ldquo;一?rdquo;之本,善?ldquo;两制”之利。把维护中央的全面管治权和保障特别行政区的高度自治权有机结合起来,尊崇法治,严格依照宪法和基本法办事。把国家所需和港澳所长有机结合起来,充分发挥市场化机制的作用,促进粤港澳优势互补,实现共同发展? To adhere to “one country, two systems” and act in accordance with the law. To integrate the adherence to the “one country” principle and the respect for the differences of the “two systems”, stay committed to the basis of “one country”, and leverage the benefits of “two systems”. To integrate the upholding of the Central Government’s overall jurisdiction and the safeguarding of a high degree of autonomy in the special administrative regions, respect the rule of law, and act strictly in accordance with the Constitution and the Basic Laws. To integrate the needs of the country with the strengths of Hong Kong and Macao, fully leverage the market-driven mechanism, foster complementarity among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and achieve joint development. 第三节 战略定位 Section 3 Strategic Positioning 充满活力的世界级城市群。依托香港、澳门作为自由开放经济体和广东作为改革开放排头兵的优势,继续深化改革、扩大开放,在构建经济高质量发展的体制机制方面走在全国前列、发挥示范引领作用,加快制度创新和先行先试,建设现代化经济体系,更好融入全球市场体系,建成世界新兴产业、先进制造业和现代服务业基地,建设世界级城市群? A vibrant world-class city cluster. To leverage the advantages of Hong Kong and Macao as free and open economies and of Guangdong as the pioneer of reform and opening up, continue deepening reform and further opening up, lead nationally and set an example in developing institutions and mechanisms for high-quality economic development, expedite institutional innovation as well as early and pilot implementation, develop a modern economic system, better integrate into the global market system, build a global base of emerging industries, advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, and develop an internationally competitive world-class city cluster. 具有全球影响力的国际科技创新中心。瞄准世界科技和产业发展前沿,加强创新平台建设,大力发展新技术、新产业、新业态、新模式,加快形成以创新为主要动力和支撑的经济体?扎实推进全面创新改革试验,充分发挥粤港澳科技研发与产业创新优势,破除影响创新要素自由流动的瓶颈和制约,进一步激发各类创新主体活力,建成全球科技创新高地和新兴产业重要策源地? A globally influential international innovation and technology hub. To target the most advanced technologies and industries in the world, strengthen the development of innovation platforms, vigorously develop new technologies, industries, as well as types and models of business, accelerate the process of developing an economic system mainly driven and supported by innovation; to steadfastly take forward the trial of comprehensive innovative reform, fully leverage the strengths of scientific R&D and industrial innovation of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, remove bottlenecks and constraints impeding the free flow of innovation factors, further stimulate various innovation entities, and build the Greater Bay Area into a hub of global technological innovation and an important source of emerging industries. “一带一?rdquo;建设的重要支撑。更好发挥港澳在国家对外开放中的功能和作用,提高珠三角九市开放型经济发展水平,促进国际国内两个市场、两种资源有效对接,在更高层次参与国际经济合作和竞争,建设具有重要影响力的国际交通物流枢纽和国际文化交往中心? An important support pillar for the Belt and Road Initiative. To better leverage the roles and functions of Hong Kong and Macao in the opening up of China, enhance the development of an open economy in the nine PRD municipalities, facilitate the effective connection between domestic and international markets as well as resources, participate in international economic cooperation and competition at a higher level, and develop an influential international transport and logistics hub as well as an international cultural exchange centre. 内地与港澳深度合作示范区。依托粤港澳良好合作基础,充分发挥深圳前海、广州南沙、珠海横琴等重大合作平台作用,探索协调协同发展新模式,深化珠三角九市与港澳全面务实合作,促进人员、物资、资金、信息便捷有序流动,为粤港澳发展提供新动能,为内地与港澳更紧密合作提供示范? A showcase for in-depth cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao. To rely on the good foundation for cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, fully leverage the functions of the key cooperation platforms in Qianhai of Shenzhen, Nansha of Guangzhou and Hengqin of Zhuhai, explore new modes of coordinated and synergistic development, enhance comprehensive and practical cooperation between the nine PRD municipalities and Hong Kong and Macao, facilitate the efficient and orderly flow of people, goods, capital and information, give new impetus to the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and set an example of closer cooperation between the Mainland and Hong Kong and Macao. 宜居宜业宜游的优质生活圈。坚持以人民为中心的发展思想,践行生态文明理念,充分利用现代信息技术,实现城市群智能管理,优先发展民生工程,提高大湾区民众生活便利水平,提升居民生活质量,为港澳居民在内地学习、就业、创业、生活提供更加便利的条件,加强多元文化交流融合,建设生态安全、环境优美、社会安定、文化繁荣的美丽湾区? A quality living circle for living, working and travelling. To firmly adopt the people-centred development philosophy, put into practice ideas on ecological conservation, make full use of modern information technology, achieve the smart management of city clusters, accord priority to livelihood projects, bring more convenience to the lives of people in the Greater Bay Area, raise the quality of living of residents, provide more convenience for Hong Kong and Macao residents studying, working, starting businesses and living on the Mainland, strengthen exchange and integration across different cultures, and build a beautiful bay area that is ecologically safe, environmentally attractive, socially stable and culturally vibrant. 第四节 发展目标 Section 4 Development Objectives ?022年,粤港澳大湾区综合实力显著增强,粤港澳合作更加深入广泛,区域内生发展动力进一步提升,发展活力充沛、创新能力突出、产业结构优化、要素流动顺畅、生态环境优美的国际一流湾区和世界级城市群框架基本形成? By 2022, the combined strength of the Greater Bay Area should increase substantially, the cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao should be deepened and broadened, the internal driving forces for development should be further enhanced in the region, and the framework for an international first-class bay area and world-class city cluster that is vibrant and highly innovative with an optimised industrial structure, a smooth flow of various factors and a pleasant ecological environment should essentially be formed. ——区域发展更加协调,分工合理、功能互补、错位发展的城市群发展格局基本确立; ─Regional development should become more coordinated, and a city cluster which has a reasonable division of labour, complementary functions and coordinated development should basically be established; ——协同创新环境更加优化,创新要素加快集聚,新兴技术原创能力和科技成果转化能力显著提升; ─ The environment for coordinated innovative development should be enhanced, the aggregation of factors of innovation should be accelerated, and the innovation capacities regarding new technologies and the commercial application of scientific and technological achievements should be significantly enhanced; ——供给侧结构性改革进一步深化,传统产业加快转型升级,新兴产业和制造业核心竞争力不断提升,数字经济迅速增长,金融等现代服务业加快发展; ─Supply-side structural reform should be further deepened, the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries should be accelerated, the core competitiveness of emerging and manufacturing industries should continuously increase, the digital economy should see rapid growth, and the development of modern service industries such as financial service should be expedited; ——交通、能源、信息、水利等基础设施支撑保障能力进一步增强,城市发展及运营能力进一步提? ─Infrastructural support and protection, such as transport, energy, information and water resources, should be further strengthened, and urban development and management should be further enhanced; ——绿色智慧节能低碳的生产生活方式和城市建设运营模式初步确立,居民生活更加便利、更加幸? ─A green, intelligent, energy-saving and low-carbon way of production and lifestyle, as well as mode of urban development and management, should be established initially, and the lives of residents should become more convenient and happier; ——开放型经济新体制加快构建,粤港澳市场互联互通水平进一步提升,各类资源要素流动更加便捷高效,文化交流活动更加活跃? ─There should be accelerated development of the new system of an open economy, greater connectivity among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao markets, more effective and efficient flow of various resources and factors of production, and more vibrant cultural exchanges. ?035年,大湾区形成以创新为主要支撑的经济体系和发展模式,经济实力、科技实力大幅跃升,国际竞争力、影响力进一步增?大湾区内市场高水平互联互通基本实现,各类资源要素高效便捷流动;区域发展协调性显著增强,对周边地区的引领带动能力进一步提?人民生活更加富裕;社会文明程度达到新高度,文化软实力显著增强,中华文化影响更加广泛深入,多元文化进一步交流融?资源节约集约利用水平显著提高,生态环境得到有效保护,宜居宜业宜游的国际一流湾区全面建成? By 2035, the Greater Bay Area should become an economic system and mode of development mainly supported by innovation, with its economic and technological strengths vastly increased and its international competitiveness and influence further strengthened; the markets within the Greater Bay Area should basically be highly connected, with very effective and efficient flow of various resources and factors of production; the coordination of regional development should remarkably improve, with the influence on neighbouring regions further strengthened; the people should become wealthier; the level of social civility should reach new heights, with cultural soft power demonstrably strengthened, Chinese cultural influence broadened and deepened, and exchange and integration between different cultures further enhanced; the levels of conservation and efficient use of resources should be significantly improved, the ecological environment should be effectively protected, and an international first-class bay area for living, working and travelling should be fully developed. 第三章 空间布局 Chapter Three Spatial Layout 坚持极点带动、轴带支撑、辐射周边,推动大中小城市合理分工、功能互补,进一步提高区域发展协调性,促进城乡融合发展,构建结构科学、集约高效的大湾区发展格局? To maintain an approach that is driven by poles, supported by axes and radiating to nearby areas, promote a rational division of labour and complementary positioning among large, medium-sized and small cities, further enhance coordination in regional development, facilitate the integrated development of urban and rural areas, and build a scientifically structured, compact and highly efficient bay area development framework. 第一节 构建极点带动、轴带支撑网络化空间格局 Section 1 Building a Spatial Network Driven by Poles and Supported by Axes 极点带动。发挥香?深圳、广?佛山、澳?珠海强强联合的引领带动作用,深化港深、澳珠合作,加快广佛同城化建设,提升整体实力和全球影响力,引领粤港澳大湾区深度参与国际合作? Driven by poles. To leverage the leading roles of the strong combinations of Hong Kong-Shenzhen, Guangzhou-Foshan and Macao-Zhuhai, deepen cooperation between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, as well as Macao and Zhuhai, expedite the integrated development of Guangzhou and Foshan, enhance their overall strength and global influence, and lead the Greater Bay Area in participating in international cooperation in great intensity. 轴带支撑。依托以高速铁路、城际铁路和高等级公路为主体的快速交通网络与港口群和机场群,构建区域经济发展轴带,形成主要城市间高效连接的网络化空间格局。更好发挥港珠澳大桥作用,加快建设深(???通道、深(???铁路等重要交通设施,提高珠江西岸地区发展水平,促进东西两岸协同发展? Supported by axes. To rely on a rapid transport network involving mainly high-speed rails, intercity railways and high-grade motorways, as well as port and airport clusters, build regional economic development axes, and form an efficiently connected spatial network of major cities. To better utilise the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, speed up the construction of key transport infrastructures such as the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge and the Shenzhen-Maoming Railway, enhance the level of development on the west bank of the Pearl River, and foster development synergy between the east and west banks of the Pearl River. 第二节 完善城市群和城镇发展体系 Section 2 Improving the Development System of the City Cluster and Towns 优化提升中心城市。以香港、澳门、广州、深圳四大中心城市作为区域发展的核心引擎,继续发挥比较优势做优做强,增强对周边区域发展的辐射带动作用? To improve the core cities. To build on the four core cities of Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou and Shenzhen as core engines for regional development, continue leveraging their comparative advantages in striving for excellence and achievements, and strengthen the radiating effect in leading the development of nearby regions. ——香港。巩固和提升国际金融、航运、贸易中心和国际航空枢纽地位,强化全球离岸人民币业务枢纽地位、国际资产管理中心及风险管理中心功能,推动金融、商贸、物流、专业服务等向高端高增值方向发展,大力发展创新及科技事业,培育新兴产业,建设亚太区国际法律及争议解决服务中心,打造更具竞争力的国际大都会? –Hong Kong. To consolidate and enhance Hong Kong’s status as international financial, transportation and trade centres as well as an international aviation hub, strengthen its status as a global offshore Renminbi (RMB) business hub and its role as an international asset management centre and a risk management centre, promote the development of high-end and high value-added financial, commercial and trading, logistics and professional services, etc., make great efforts to develop the innovation and technology industries, nurture emerging industries, establish itself as the centre for international legal and dispute resolution services in the Asia-Pacific region, and develop into an international metropolis with enhanced competitiveness. ——澳门。建设世界旅游休闲中心、中国与葡语国家商贸合作服务平台,促进经济适度多元发展,打造以中华文化为主流、多元文化共存的交流合作基地? –Macao. To develop into a world-class tourism and leisure centre and a commerce and trade cooperation service platform between China and Lusophone countries, promote an appropriate level of diversified economic development, and develop into a base for exchange and cooperation where Chinese culture is the mainstream and diverse cultures coexist. ——广州。充分发挥国家中心城市和综合性门户城市引领作用,全面增强国际商贸中心、综合交通枢纽功能,培育提升科技教育文化中心功能,着力建设国际大都市? –Guangzhou. To fully leverage its leading function as a national core city and an integrated gateway city, comprehensively strengthen its functions as an international commerce and industry centre and integrated transport hub, enhance its function as technological, educational and cultural centres, and develop into a global metropolis. ——深圳。发挥作为经济特区、全国性经济中心城市和国家创新型城市的引领作用,加快建成现代化国际化城市,努力成为具有世界影响力的创新创意之都? –Shenzhen. To leverage its leading role as a special economic zone, a national economic core city and a national innovation city, expedite its transformation into a modern and international city, and strive to become a capital of innovation and creativity with global influence. 建设重要节点城市。支持珠海、佛山、惠州、东莞、中山、江门、肇庆等城市充分发挥自身优势,深化改革创新,增强城市综合实力,形成特色鲜明、功能互补、具有竞争力的重要节点城市。增强发展的协调性,强化与中心城市的互动合作,带动周边特色城镇发展,共同提升城市群发展质量? To develop the key node cities. To support Zhuhai, Foshan, Huizhou, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing in fully leveraging their strengths, deepen reform and innovation, enhance the composite strengths of the cities, and form key node cities with distinct characteristics, complementary positioning and strong competitiveness. To enhance coordination in development, strengthen interaction and cooperation with core cities, drive the development of towns nearby with distinct characteristics, and jointly raise the development quality of the city cluster. 发展特色城镇。充分发挥珠三角九市特色城镇数量多、体量大的优势,培育一批具有特色优势的魅力城镇,完善市政基础设施和公共服务设施,发展特色产业,传承传统文化,形成优化区域发展格局的重要支撑。建设智慧小镇,开展智能技术应用试验,推动体制机制创新,探索未来城市发展模式。加快推进特大镇行政管理体制改革,在降低行政成本和提升行政效率的基础上不断拓展特大镇功能? To develop towns with distinct characteristics. To fully leverage the advantage of the nine PRD municipalities in having numerous large and sizeable towns with distinct characteristics, nurture towns with charm and distinct characteristics, improve municipal infrastructure and public services and facilities, develop specialty industries, pass on traditional culture, and form a strong support for enhancing the regional development layout. To develop smart towns, commence experiments in the application of smart technology, promote innovation in institutions and mechanisms, and explore the model of developing future cities. To accelerate administrative system reform in large towns, and continuously expand the functions of extra-large towns on the basis of reducing administrative costs and increasing administrative efficiency. 促进城乡融合发展。建立健全城乡融合发展体制机制和政策体系,推动珠三角九市城乡一体化发展,全面提高城镇化发展质量和水平,建设具有岭南特色的宜居城乡。加强分类指导,合理划定功能分区,优化空间布局,促进城乡集约发展。提高城乡基础设施一体化水平,因地制宜推进城市更新,改造城中村、合并小型村,加强配套设施建设,改善城乡人居环境? To promote integrated development of urban and rural areas. To establish a holistic system and policy framework for integrated development of urban and rural areas, promote integrated urban-rural development in the nine PRD municipalities, raise the quality and level of urbanisation, and develop liveable urban-rural areas with Lingnan characteristics. To strengthen guidance on classification, rationally delineate areas with different functions, improve spatial layout, and foster compact urban-rural development. To enhance the level of integration regarding infrastructural development in urban-rural areas, promote urban renewal based on local conditions, redevelop villages in cities and combine small villages, step up the development of ancillary facilities, and improve living conditions for urban and rural residents. 第三节 辐射带动泛珠三角区域发展 Section 3 Radiating the Development to the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region 发挥粤港澳大湾区辐射引领作用,统筹珠三角九市与粤东西北地区生产力布局,带动周边地区加快发展。构建以粤港澳大湾区为龙头,以珠?西江经济带为腹地,带动中南、西南地区发展,辐射东南亚、南亚的重要经济支撑带。完善大湾区至泛珠三角区域其他省区的交通网络,深化区域合作,有序发?ldquo;飞地经济”,促进泛珠三角区域要素流动和产业转移,形成梯度发展、分工合理、优势互补的产业协作体系。依托沿海铁路、高等级公路和重要港口,实现粤港澳大湾区与海峡西岸城市群和北部湾城市群联动发展。依托高速铁路、干线铁路和高速公路等交通通道,深化大湾区与中南地区和长江中游地区的合作交流,加强大湾区对西南地区的辐射带动作用? To leverage the radiating and leading function of the Greater Bay Area, coordinate the productivity layout of the nine PRD municipalities and eastern, western and northern Guangdong, and foster development in nearby areas at a faster pace. To develop a key economic support zone with the Greater Bay Area as its vanguard and the Pearl River-Xijiang economic zone as its hinterland, propel development in South Central China and Southwest China as well as Southeast and Southern Asia. To improve the transport network from the Greater Bay Area to other provinces and regions in the Pan-PRD region, enhance regional cooperation, progressively develop “enclave economies”, facilitate the flow of factors of production and relocation of industries in the Pan-PRD region, and establish a stratified and complementary industrial cooperation system with a reasonable division of labour. To rely on coastal railways, high-grade motorways and major ports, and achieve synergistic development between the Greater Bay Area and the Western Taiwan Strait as well as the Beibu Bay city clusters. To rely on transport routes such as high-speed rails, mainline railways and motorways, deepen cooperation and exchange between the Greater Bay Area and the South Central Region and the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and strengthen the radiating and driving effect of the Greater Bay Area on the Southwest Region. 第四章 建设国际科技创新中心 Chapter Four Developing an International Innovation and Technology Hub 深入实施创新驱动发展战略,深化粤港澳创新合作,构建开放型融合发展的区域协同创新共同体,集聚国际创新资源,优化创新制度和政策环境,着力提升科技成果转化能力,建设全球科技创新高地和新兴产业重要策源地? To implement the innovation-driven development strategy in great intensity, deepen innovation cooperation among Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, build an open community for coordinated innovation in the region that encompasses integrated development, pool together international innovation resources, enhance the innovation system and policy environment, focus on enhancing the capability for the commercial application of technological achievements, and develop a focused area of global technological innovation and a major source of emerging industries. 第一节 构建开放型区域协同创新共同? Section 1 Building an Open Community for Coordinated Innovation in the Region 加强科技创新合作。更好发挥内地与香港、澳门科技合作委员会的作用,推动香港、澳门融入国家创新体系、发挥更重要作用。充分发挥粤港澳科技和产业优势,积极吸引和对接全球创新资源,建设开放互通、布局合理的区域创新体系。推?ldquo;广州-深圳-香港-澳门”科技创新走廊建设,探索有利于人才、资本、信息、技术等创新要素跨境流动和区域融通的政策举措,共建粤港澳大湾区大数据中心和国际化创新平台。加快国家自主创新示范区与国家双创示范基地、众创空间建设,支持其与香港、澳门建立创新创业交流机制,共享创新创业资源,共同完善创新创业生态,为港澳青年创新创业提供更多机遇和更好条件。鼓励粤港澳企业和科研机构参与国际科技创新合作,共同举办科技创新活动,支持企业到海外设立研发机构和创新孵化基地,鼓励境内外投资者在粤港澳设立研发机构和创新平台。支持依托深圳国家基因库发起设立“一带一?rdquo;生命科技促进联盟。鼓励其他地区的高校、科研机构和企业参与大湾区科技创新活动? To strengthen cooperation in innovation and technology. To better leverage the functions of the Mainland/Hong Kong and Mainland/Macao Science and Technology Co-operation Committees, and promote the integration of Hong Kong and Macao into the national innovation system thereby enabling them to play more important roles. To fully leverage the technological and industrial strengths of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, actively attract and connect global innovation resources, and develop an open and interconnected system with reasonable layout for regional innovation. To pursue the development of the “Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao” innovation and technology corridor, explore policy measures to facilitate the cross-boundary and regional flow of innovation elements such as talents, capital, information and technologies, and jointly develop a Greater Bay Area big data centre as well as platforms for international innovation. To expedite the development of national innovation demonstration zones, demonstration bases for entrepreneurship and innovation as well as co-working space, support the establishment of mechanisms for their innovation and entrepreneurship exchanges with Hong Kong and Macao, share innovation and entrepreneurship resources, jointly improve the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, and provide more opportunities and better conditions for young people from Hong Kong and Macao to innovate and set up businesses. To encourage Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao enterprises and scientific research institutes to participate in international innovation and technology cooperation, jointly organise events on innovation and technology, support enterprises in setting up R&D institutes and bases for innovation incubation overseas, and encourage domestic and foreign investors to set up R&D institutes and innovation platforms in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. To support the establishment of the Belt and Road Life Science and Technology Advancement Alliance by relying on the China National GeneBank in Shenzhen. To encourage higher education institutions, R&D institutes and enterprises from other regions to participate in events on innovation and technology in the Greater Bay Area. 加强创新基础能力建设。支持重大科技基础设施、重要科研机构和重大创新平台在大湾区布局建设。向港澳有序开放国家在广东建设布局的重大科研基础设施和大型科研仪器。支持粤港澳有关机构积极参与国家科技计划(专项、基金等)。加强应用基础研究,拓展实施国家重大科技项目。支持将粤港澳深化创新体制机制改革的相关举措纳入全面创新改革试验? To enhance building of basic innovation capacity. To support the development of major technological infrastructure facilities, R&D institutes as well as innovation platforms in the Greater Bay Area. To progressively open up to Hong Kong and Macao the major national R&D infrastructure facilities and large-scale national R&D equipment located in Guangdong. To support relevant institutes in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao to proactively participate in national technological programmes (special projects, funding, etc.). To strengthen applied basic research, and broaden the implementation of major national technological projects. To support the incorporation of measures of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in relation to deepening the reform of innovation systems and mechanisms into the pilot scheme of comprehensive innovation reform. 加强产学研深度融合。建立以企业为主体、市场为导向、产学研深度融合的技术创新体系,支持粤港澳企业、高校、科研院所共建高水平的协同创新平台,推动科技成果转化。实施粤港澳科技创新合作发展计划和粤港联合创新资助计划,支持设立粤港澳产学研创新联盟? To enhance the in-depth integration of industries, academia and research. To develop a system of technological innovation built up primarily by enterprises, led by market forces and with an in-depth integration of industries, academia and research, support Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao enterprises, higher education institutions and R&D institutes in jointly developing quality collaborative platforms for coordinated innovation, and promote the commercial application of technological achievements. To implement the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao collaboration programme in innovation and technology and the Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme, and support the establishment of an innovation alliance of industries, academia and research in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. 第二节 打造高水平科技创新载体和平? Section 2 Developing Quality Innovation and Technology Carriers and Platforms 加快推进大湾区重大科技基础设施、交叉研究平台和前沿学科建设,着力提升基础研究水平。优化创新资源配置,建设培育一批产业技术创新平台、制造业创新中心和企业技术中心。推进国家自主创新示范区建设,有序开展国家高新区扩容,将高新区建设成为区域创新的重要节点和产业高端化发展的重要基地。推动珠三角九市军民融合创新发展,支持创建军民融合创新示范区。支持港深创新及科技园、中新广州知识城、南沙庆盛科技创新产业基地、横琴粤澳合作中医药科技产业园等重大创新载体建设。支持香港物流及供应链管理应用技术、纺织及成、资讯及通信技术、汽车零部件、纳米及先进材料等五大研发中心以及香港科学园、香港数码港建设。支持澳门中医药科技产业发展平台建设。推进香港、澳门国家重点实验室伙伴实验室建设? To accelerate the development of major technological infrastructure facilities, platforms of cross-study as well as emerging frontier researches in the Greater Bay Area, and focus on raising the standards of basic research. To optimise the allocation of resources for innovation, and develop and nurture a batch of platforms for technological innovation for industries, manufacturing innovation centres and enterprise technological centres. To take forward the development of national innovation demonstration zones, progressively commence the expansion of national high-tech industrial development zones, and develop high-tech industrial development zones into regional nodes of innovation and key bases for the high-end development of industries. To take forward military-civilian integration in innovation development in the nine PRD municipalities, and support the establishment of a demonstration zone of military-civilian integration in innovation development. To support the development of major carriers for innovation such as the Hong Kong-Shenzhen Innovation and Technology Park and the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, the innovation and technology base in Qingsheng of Nansha, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Science and Technology Industrial Park of Cooperation between Guangdong and Macao in Hengqin. To support the development of the five Hong Kong R&D Centres respectively for Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech, Textiles and Apparel, Information and Communications Technologies, Automotive Parts and Accessory Systems, and Nano and Advanced Materials, as well as the development of the Hong Kong Science Park and the Hong Kong Cyberport. To support the setting up of a platform for developing the traditional Chinese medicine science and technology industries in Macao. To take forward the development of Partner State Key Laboratories in Hong Kong and Macao. 第三节 优化区域创新环境 Section 3 Enhancing the Environment for Innovation in the Region 深化区域创新体制机制改革。研究实施促进粤港澳大湾区出入境、工作、居住、物流等更加便利化的政策措施,鼓励科技和学术人才交往交流。允许香港、澳门符合条件的高校、科研机构申请内地科技项目,并按规定在内地及港澳使用相关资金。支持粤港澳设立联合创新专项资金,就重大科研项目开展合作,允许相关资金在大湾区跨境使用。研究制定专门办法,对科研合作项目需要的医疗数据和血液等生物样品跨境在大湾区内限定的高校、科研机构和实验室使用进行优化管理,促进临床医学研究发展。香港、澳门在广东设立的研发机构按照与内地研发机构同等待遇原则,享受国家和广东省各项支持创新的政策,鼓励和支持其参与广东科技计划。开展知识产权证券化试点? To deepen reform of innovation systems and mechanisms in the region. To study policies and measures to implement facilitation relating to immigration and customs clearance, working, living as well as the flow of goods within the Greater Bay Area, and encourage interaction and exchanges between technological and academic talents. To allow eligible higher education institutions and R&D institutes in Hong Kong and Macao to apply for Mainland technology projects, and use relevant funding on the Mainland as well as in Hong Kong and Macao according to the regulations. To support the setting up of special funding schemes for joint innovation projects by Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, commence cooperation in major R&D projects, and allow the cross-boundary use of related funds in the Greater Bay Area. To study and formulate a specialised plan to enhance the management of the cross-boundary use of medical data and bio-samples such as blood necessary for R&D cooperation projects in designated higher education institutions, R&D institutes and laboratories in the Greater Bay Area, and foster the research and development of clinical medicine. To enable Hong Kong and Macao R&D institutes in Guangdong to enjoy the same treatment as other Mainland R&D institutes, enjoy various national and provincial (Guangdong) policies in support of innovation, and encourage as well as support them to participate in Guangdong technology programmes. To initiate pilot projects for the securitisation of intellectual property (IP). 促进科技成果转化。创新机制、完善环境,将粤港澳大湾区建设成为具有国际竞争力的科技成果转化基地。支持粤港澳在创业孵化、科技金融、成果转化、国际技术转让、科技服务业等领域开展深度合作,共建国家级科技成果孵化基地和粤港澳青年创业就业基地等成果转化平台。在珠三角九市建设一批面向港澳的科技企业孵化器,为港澳高校、科研机构的先进技术成果转移转化提供便利条件。支持珠三角九市建设国家科技成果转移转化示范区。充分发挥香港、澳门、深圳、广州等资本市场和金融服务功能,合作构建多元化、国际化、跨区域的科技创新投融资体系。大力拓展直接融资渠道,依托区域性股权交易市场,建设科技创新金融支持平台。支持香港私募基金参与大湾区创新型科技企业融资,允许符合条件的创新型科技企业进入香港上市集资平台,将香港发展成为大湾区高新技术产业融资中心? To promote the commercial application of technological achievements.To innovate the system as well as improve the environment, and develop the Greater Bay Area into a base for the commercial application of technological achievements with international competitiveness. To support Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in establishing in-depth collaboration in areas such as entrepreneurship and incubation, financial technologies,commercial application of technological achievements, international technology transfer and the technology services industry, and jointly develop platforms for the commercial application of achievements such as national level bases for the incubation of technological achievements and bases for start-up businesses and employment for young people from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.To develop a number of Hong Kong and Macao-oriented incubators of technology enterprises in the nine PRD municipalities, and provide convenience to higher education institutions and R&D institutes in Hong Kong and Macao to transfer and apply their advanced technological achievements. To support the setting up of a national demonstration zone for the transfer and commercial application of technological achievements in the nine PRD municipalities. To fully leverage the roles of capital markets and financial services of Hong Kong, Macao, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, etc., and join hands in developing a diversified, international and cross-regional system for innovation and technology investment and financing.To make great efforts in broadening channels of direct financing, rely on the regional equity trading market, and develop a supporting platform for technology, innovation and financial services. To support the engagement of Hong Kong’s private equity funds in the financing of innovation and technology enterprises in the Greater Bay Area, allow eligible innovation and technology enterprises to secure listing in Hong Kong for capital financing, and develop Hong Kong into a financing centre for high-tech industries in the Greater Bay Area. 强化知识产权保护和运用。依托粤港、粤澳及泛珠三角区域知识产权合作机制,全面加强粤港澳大湾区在知识产权保护、专业人才培养等领域的合作。强化知识产权行政执法和司法保护,更好发挥广州知识产权法院等机构作用,加强电子商务、进出口等重点领域和环节的知识产权执法。加强在知识产权创造、运用、保护和贸易方面的国际合作,建立完善知识产权案件跨境协作机制。依托现有交易场所,开展知识产权交易,促进知识产权的合理有效流通。开展知识产权保护规范化市场培育?ldquo;正版正货”承诺活动。发挥知识产权服务业集聚发展区的辐射作用,促进高端知识产权服务与区域产业? ]]></description> </item><item><title>乔治克鲁尼为梅根发声 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-500-441281-1.html 威廉王子和哈里王子要分家?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-500-441279-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[据王室消息人士透露,今年春天,威廉王子和哈里王子将正式分开居住? 两人曾是亲密无间的好兄弟,尤其是在母亲戴安娜王妃不幸去世后,两人更是互相支持,共同走过了那段黑暗的岁月? 如今,由于王室职责和对生活看法不同,两兄弟将正式分家。有报道称,这也有助于缓和两家的紧张关系?     Britain's Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, poses for an official portrait to mark his 70th birthday in the gardens of Clarence House, with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Willliam, Duke of Cambridge, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, in London, England, in this Sept 5, 2018 handout image provided by Clarence House. [Photo/Agencies] The Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex are set to split their household within weeks, The Sunday Times can reveal. 据《星期日泰晤士报》披露,剑桥公爵威廉王子与萨塞克斯公爵哈里王子将在未来几周内分开居住? Princes William and Harry, who have long been the closest of brothers, are expected to part ways formally to create separate courts before the birth of Harry’s first child, due in April or May. 哈里王子的第一个孩子预计在今年4月或5月出生,长期以来一直亲密无间的两兄弟将在那之前正式分开居住? The division of their shared household after 10 years reflects their increasingly different responsibilities. It is thought courtiers hope a formal separation of their staff may help ease the reported tensions between the brothers and their wives. 威廉和哈里在共同生活10年后分开居住说明两人的职责日渐不同。据信,王室工作人员希望,正式分家将有助于缓和报道所称两对夫妇之间的紧张关系? The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will shortly move from Kensington Palace to Frogmore Cottage, on the Windsor estate. Their new office is expected to remain at Kensington Palace. 不久,哈里王子夫妇将从肯辛顿宫搬到温莎庄园的浮若阁摩尔别墅。两人的新办公室将留在肯辛顿宫? Britain's Prince William greets his brother Harry's fiancee Meghan Markle as they arrive for an ANZAC day service at Westminster Abbey in London, April 25, 2018. Hannah McKay/REUTER “William and Harry are working to make sure the Sussexes have an office that can support their family when they move to Frogmore this spring,” a source told the Times. “This work has been underway since before last year’s wedding.” 一名王室消息人士说?ldquo;威廉和哈里正努力确保哈里王子夫妇在今年春天搬到浮若阁摩尔别墅时,能有一个照料其家庭事务的办公室。这项工作从去年婚礼前就启动了?rdquo; Rumors that Duchess Meghan and Duchess Kate don’t get along began swirling in November 2018. “The ‘feud’ is definitely being played up,” a source told US Weekly at the time. “Are they the best of friends? No. Do they speak every waking second? No. Do they hate each other? Absolutely not.” 自去?1月起,就有传言称梅根王妃和凯特王妃关系不睦。当时有消息人士告诉《美国周刊》称?ldquo;这种‘不和’当然被夸大了。她们是最好的朋友?不是。她们无话不谈吗?不是。但她们互相憎恨?当然也不是?rdquo; feud [fjuːd]:n.不和;争执     Prince William (1st L), the Duke of Cambridge, his wife Catherine (2nd L), the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry (1st R) and Meghan Markle (2nd R) attend Christmas Day Church service at Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, Britain, on Dec 25, 2017. [Photo/Xinhua] A source who knows William and Harry told the Times: “When William becomes the Prince of Wales, he will take on a lot of extra responsibility, including the Duchy of Cornwall. Harry and Meghan have none of that, and seem ambitious about forging their own paths.” 一名熟悉这对兄弟的消息人士告诉《泰晤士报》说?ldquo;一旦威廉成为威尔士亲王之后,他就将承担许多额外的职责,包括接管康沃尔公爵领地。而哈里和梅根却没有这些职责,他们似乎雄心勃勃地想要开拓自己的道路?rdquo; “If you have one private office trying to manage both, things get difficult. William and Harry’s double act has naturally been supplanted by the two couples and their families. “如果一个私人办公室试图管理两边的事务,事情就会很难办。威廉和哈里的兄弟搭?自然会被威廉夫妇和哈里夫妇以及他们的家人所取代?rdquo; supplant [sə'plɑːnt]:vt.代替;排挤? Britain's Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, applaud after Germany's Angelique Kerber won the women's singles final against Serena Williams of the US at Wimbledon in London, Britain, July 14, 2018. [Photo/Agencies] The brothers first created their own private office in 2009 after they broke away from their father Prince Charles’ court at Clarence House. 2009年,威廉和哈里首次搬出查尔斯王子位于克拉伦斯宫的寓所,并创建了自己的私人办公室? “The brothers have leant on each other and looked after each other since their mother died. But now they have their own families, they no longer rely on each other as before,” an insider told the Times. “They have become different people with different outlooks on life.” 一名消息人士告诉《泰晤士报》说?ldquo;兄弟两人自母亲去世就一直互相扶持。但现在两人各自有了家庭,不再像以前那样彼此依赖了。他们变成了对生活有不同看法的人?rdquo; William, Kate, Harry and Meghan will continue to work together on The Royal Foundation, their charitable endeavor that supports issues including mental health, veterans, conservation and at-risk youths. 兄弟两人和他们的妻子将继续在皇家慈善基金会共事,该基金会为有心理健康问题的人、退伍军人、环保和边缘青年等相关事业提供支持? ]]></description> </item><item><title>VOA慢速英语:柬埔寨临泰国边境省份辍学率高 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-8694-441277-1.html 可口可乐又要推什么奇特新口味?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-7804-441272-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Coca-Cola continues to go after new diet sodadrinkers with the launch of two new flavors of DietCoke – Strawberry Guava and Blueberry Acai. 为了抓住越来越多的无糖可乐消费者,可口可乐又推出了2款新口味的无糖可?mdash;—草莓番石榴和蓝莓阿萨伊浆果? They’re the first additions to the soda giant’s line ofnew flavors, which launched last January to attractmillennials. 这是这家汽水巨头推出的新口味系列中的第一批新成员,这个新口味系列是去?月推出的,目的是为了吸引千禧一代? Like the inaugural flavors, these two will also comein 12-ounce, skinny cans. 这两款和原本的几个口味一样,也是12盎司一罐的小细罐? In January 2018, the classic zero-calorie soda morphed into Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, ZestyBlood Orange and Twisted Mango. The original flavor remains, too. ?018年的1月,经典的零卡可乐大肆推出了金姜青柠、劲爆樱桃、激情血橙和鲜榨芒果几种口味。当然,原版的口味也还在? Other flavors that Coca-Cola said it had tested but ultimately nixed included Oro BloncoGrapefruit and Vanilla Chai. 可口可乐还测试过其他的口味,不过最后都否决了,这些口味包括白金柚子和香草拉茶? “Wefocused on modernizing Diet Coke to appeal to a new consumer base while at the sametime connecting with our core drinkers by preserving the essence of what makes this brandso special,” Rafael Acevedo, Diet Coke's group director, said in a statement. "Differentconsumers have different favorites, so it’s important to offer a range." 无糖可乐项目的组长拉斐尔·阿切维多在一次声明中说:“我们致力于让无糖可乐变得更现代化,好吸引新的消费?但同时我们也尽力保全它的精髓,好抓住我们的核心顾客。不同的消费者有不同的口味偏好,所以推出一个系列是很重要的?rdquo; Coca-Cola found that when new drinkers try one of the flavors, they’re also more likely to reachfor original Diet Coke, which first launched in 1982. 可口可乐发现,当新的消费者试过一种口味之后,他们也很有可能会回头去买1982年就推出的原版口味?     The Atlanta-based beverage maker said that the Diet Coke refresh helped turn sales aroundafter at least half a decade of decline. 这家总部位于亚特兰大的饮料公司说,在经历了至?年的销量下滑之后,是无糖可乐让他们的销量又回升了过来? The soda industry continues to face criticism over what carbonated beverages may do toAmericans' unhealthy diets and obesity rates and opposition to its products in the form ofso-called soda taxes in various municipalities across the U.S. 汽水行业一直以来都饱受社会的指责,人们指责他们的碳酸饮料导致了美国人不健康的饮食习惯和高肥胖率;同时,他们也受到了很多方面的阻力,例如美国很多政区实行的所谓汽水税? For the first time ever, in 2016, bottled water topped Americans' list of favorite drinks, beatingsoda 12.8 billion gallons sold to 12.4 billion gallons sold, according to the research andconsulting company Beverage Marketing. 根据调研及咨询公司Beverage Marketing的消息,?016年,瓶装水有史以来第一次成为了美国人最喜欢的饮?瓶装水以128亿加仑的销售量打败?24亿加仑的汽水? ]]></description> </item><item><title>这双黑脸鞋引发种族歧?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-7804-441271-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Katy Perry's controversial 'face' shoes are reportedly going to be pulled from shelves over their resemblance to blackface. 据报道,凯蒂佩里有争议的“?rdquo;鞋将因为和黑脸妆相似而下架? Retailing for $129 per pair at Dillard's and Walmart, the 'Rue Face Slip On Loafers' and 'Ora Face Block Heel Sandal' from Katy Perry Collections feature two eyes, a gold nose, and red lips. The slides come in black or beige while the sandals are available in either black or gold. 来自凯蒂佩里系列?ldquo;一脚蹬”'和方跟凉鞋在迪拉德百货公司和沃尔玛零售价为每?29美元。鞋子的设计有两只眼睛,金色的鼻子和红色的嘴唇?ldquo;一脚蹬”有黑色或棕色,而凉鞋有黑色或金色可供选择? It has been reported by TMZ that the shoes are about to be removed from retailers as the 34-year-old singer continues to face scrutiny for the design, which bears a likeness to blackface makeup. 据《TMZ》报道,随着这位34岁的歌手继续面临和黑脸化妆有相似之处的设计审查,鞋子有可能面临下架? Sources told the site the two shoe styles are part of an entire line that she had designed and released and 'were never intended to be offensive.' 消息人士告诉该网站,这两款鞋是她设计和发布的整条产品系列的一部分?ldquo;从来没有打算冒犯任何?rdquo;?     'In order to be respectful and sensitive the team is in the process of pulling the shoes,' the sources added. “为了表示尊重,团队正在准备将鞋子下架?rdquo;消息人士补充说? Singer Masika Kalysha called Katy out for the offensive design on Sunday ahead of the Grammys, sharing a photo of a pair of the black 'Rue Face Slip On Loafers' on her Instagram Stories. 周日,歌手Masika Kalysha在格莱美颁奖典礼前称凯蒂的设计很冒犯,并在她的Instagram故事中分享了凯蒂设计的黑?ldquo;一脚蹬”的照片? 'So we just gonna let Katy Perry slide?' she asked. “所以我们要让凯蒂脚下蹬着这个?”她问? Others slammed the pop star, with many pointing out that Katy's shoe design is representative of the fashion world's problematic relationship with blackface and cultural appropriation. 其他人则在推上抨击这位流行歌星,许多人指出凯蒂的鞋子设计代表了时尚界与黑脸和文化占有的问题? ]]></description> </item><item><title>奥斯卡小众奖项被安排在广告时段颁发? - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-9888-441269-1.html 碧昂丝说唱作品推高卢浮宫人气 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-9888-441268-1.html VOA常速英语:尼日利亚首都某项目中心向流离失所的孩子提供教?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-10197-441260-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Nigerian Center Teaches Coding to Conflict-Displaced Kids Nigeria's internal conflicts have displaced nearly two million people, according to the United Nations, 60 percent of them children. A program in the Nigerian capital is trying to teach internally displaced children technology skills, including computer coding, with a mobile laboratory. Timothy Obiezu reports from Abuja. ]]></description> </item><item><title>雅思听力常用词汇:旅游?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-7961-441250-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  度假地的选择,交通工具的选择,住处的选择(这部分与租房类似)   first come?first serve先到先服务原?即不设预订服?   one-way ticket单程?   round-trip ticket往返票   make a reservation预定   confirm a reservation确认预定   book a room/table 预订房间/饭桌   cancel one's reservation取消预定   飞机里面的:   VIP/first class头等?   business class商务?   economy class经济?   Express way 高速公?   express train 高速列?   travel agency 旅行?   book the ticket 订票   flight number 航班?   take off 起飞   land 降落   check in 办理登机手续   motel 汽车旅馆   hostel 青年旅社   passport 护照   visa 签证   credit card 信用?   driving license/licence 驾照   expire(v.) 驾照/护照等过?   platform 站台   museum 博物?   souvenir 纪念?   art gallery 画廊   hiking 徒步旅行   hitch-hike 搭便车旅?   surfing 冲浪skiing 滑雪walking boots 行军?   bag-packer 肩背大包进行自助旅行的人 ]]></description> </item><item><title>雅思听力备考高分三要素 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-7961-441249-1.html 雅思写作常考词汇整?2) - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-615-441244-1.html 雅思写作常考词汇整?1) - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-615-441241-1.html 雅思词汇之与体育相关词汇:乒乓球类 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-470-441239-1.html 雅思词汇之与体育相关词汇:篮球类(2?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-470-441238-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  投篮命中?shooting average   两双 double-double   三双 triple-double   篮板?rebound   前场篮板 offensive rebound   后场篮板 defensive rebound   进攻组织?playermaker   助攻 assist   快攻 fast break   突破 drive   掩护 screen   切入 cut   策应 pivot   夹击 double-team   三人包夹 triple-team   抢断 steal   盖帽 block   紧逼防?press defense   全场紧?all-court press   半场紧?half-court press   区域联防 zone defense   混合防守 combined defense   前场 front court   后场 back court   外线 outside   内线 inside   强侧 on-side   弱侧 off-side   造成对方犯规 draw a foul   攻防转换 transition   中圈 center circle   3秒区 three-second area   3分线 three-point line   篮圈 rim   篮网 net   篮板 board   记录?scorers'table   挡拆 pick and roll ]]></description> </item><item><title>雅思词汇之与体育相关词汇:篮球类(1?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-470-441237-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  篮球运动 basketball   美国篮球联赛 NBA   常规?regular season   季后?playoffs   梦之?Dream Team   最有价值球?MVP   后卫 guard   组织后卫 point guard   攻击后卫 shooting guard   前锋 forward   中锋 center   内线队员 inside man   小前?small forward   大前?power forward   第六?six man   新秀 rookie   选秀 draft   主裁?referee   副裁?umpire   跳球 jump ball   掷界外球 throw in   两次运球 double dribble   3秒违?3-second violation   走步违例 traveling   踢球违例 kicking   踩线 touch the line   干扰?goaltending   失误 turnover   打手犯规 hacking   撞人犯规 charging   带球撞人 charging with the ball   阻挡犯规 blocking foul   拉人犯规 holding   双方犯规 double foul   全队犯规 team foul   被罚下场 foul out   罚球 free throw   传球 pass   分球 relay a pass   运球 dribble   投篮 shoot   上篮 lay-up   补篮 tip-in   3分球 three-point shot   钩手 hook shot   跳投 jump shot   急停投篮 stop shot   后仰跳投 fadeaway   扣篮 dunk ]]></description> </item><item><title>灯影故宫,美得不像? - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/index.php?m=content&c=index&a=show&catid=10196&id=441236 愉悦口语:?42?摸老虎屁股英文怎么?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-9907-441231-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[讲解文本? poke the bear 戳熊,摸老虎屁股(指激怒对方的行为) ask for a day off 请一天假 not in a good mood 情绪不好 - Should I ask the boss for a day off ? 我能不能向老板请一天假? - He is not in a good mood today, so don't poke the bear. 他今天心情不好,你还是别惹他比较好? 疯狂练习? ]]></description> </item><item><title>愉悦口语:?41?挂电话英文怎么?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-9907-441230-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[讲解文本? hang up 挂电? Always say goodbye before you hang up the phone. 别忘了在挂断电话之前要与对方说再见? hang on 稍等片刻,别挂电? Mike will be back at once, hang on. Mike马上就回来,别挂断电话? 疯狂练习? ]]></description> </item><item><title>元宵夜去故宫看灯会!你抢到票了吗?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-8484-441228-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[你听说了?故宫将在正月十五、十六开夜场!办灯?而且免费! The Palace Museum announced on its official website on Sunday that the "Lantern Festival night in the Forbidden City" will be held for two consecutive nights on February 19 and 20. 17日,故宫博物院官网发公告??9?正月十五)?0?正月十六)将连续两晚举?ldquo;紫禁城上元之?rdquo;活动? The event is the first of its kind in the Palace Museum's 94-year history. The main locations open to the public will be the Meridian Gate exhibition hall, the Gate of Supreme Harmony, the East Wall, the Gate of Divine Might and other areas of the Palace Museum. 这是故宫博物院建?4年来首次举办“灯会”。开放地点主要在午门展厅、太和门广场、故宫东城墙、神武门等区域? Night view of the Palace Museum's turret after snow in Beijing, February 8, 2014. [Photo/CGTN] 故宫介绍,此次活动不收费(free of charge),将邀请劳动模?model workers)、北京榜样、快递小?deliverymen)、环卫工?sanitation workers)、解放军和武警官?PLA and armed force soldiers)、消防队?fire fighters)、公安干?police officers)等各界代表以及观众朋?预约成功?数千人,前往观灯赏景,共贺良宵? 此重磅消息一经公布,立即引发了一波抢票潮? 网友们还没回过神来,19日的门票已经被抢光了? 正月十六(2?0?的票??8?今天)开始抢!不少人从昨晚开始就“?rdquo;网站,还没到零点却发现,网站“瘫痪?rdquo;“崩了”... 等到网站可以正常访问了,票也没了... 当然,也有网友抢票成功,第一时间在微博上晒出? 预约成功的观众从午门凭身份证安检入场,神武门退场。不提供车位。当?0时停止入场? 故宫夜游路线 1、入场前,你可观赏午门城楼及东、西雁翅楼在灯光映照下的壮美雄姿(the magnificent view of the lit-up Meridian Gate)? 2、自午门入场后,首先观赏点亮后的太和门广?the lit-up Gate of Supreme Harmony)? 3、随后由午门西马道登午门城楼(go up to the Meridian Gate tower),参?ldquo;紫禁城里过大?rdquo;?the exhibition of "Celebrating the Spring Festival in the Forbidden City"),在东雁翅楼欣赏中央民族乐团琵琶演奏家赵聪及其团队的精彩演奏? 4、随后,沿着挂满红灯笼点缀的城墙步行至东南角楼,观看虚拟现实影片《角楼》? 5、沿着城墙来到东华门城?the East Prosperity Gate tower),参?ldquo;营造之?mdash;—紫禁城建筑艺术展”,当走过近千米长的布满红灯笼的故宫东城墙时,可以看到临近城墙西侧的部分古建筑也被点亮,聆听到畅音?Pavilion of Cheerful Melodies)戏楼传来的戏曲声音? 6、到达东北角?northeast turret of the Palace Museum)后,步行至神武门(the Gate of Divine Prowess),在这一区域可以观赏到城墙南北两侧通过艺术灯光投影于建筑屋顶上的《千里江山图卷》等绘画作品(the painting of "A Thousand Li of Rivers and Mountains" projected on the roof of the building),宛如画中游? 7、离开神武门城楼后,神武门外东、西两侧的角楼餐厅和角楼咖啡将开放迎客? Night view of the Palace Museum [Photo/CGTN] 没有抢到故宫灯会的门? 北京其他几个大型公园也有灯会活动? 景山公园、大观园、朝阳公园、圆明园、世界公园等公园??9日开展的元宵灯会需凭票入场,市民可提前在网上抢票,门票限量发售,现场不售票。其中,景山公园、大观园元宵灯会可关?ldquo;文化西城”微信公众号进行网上抢?2?5日下??,朝阳公园元宵灯会可通过朝阳文化APP抢票。圆明园元宵灯会将通过携程网预售共?万张门票,圆明园年月票无效。世界公园元宵灯会门票在美团、八色谷、携程、大众点评等网站有售,且“京津冀一卡通、艾玩卡、锦绣江山年票、亲子年?rdquo;将在2?9日当天停止使用? 夜游注意保暖和安全。预祝元宵节快乐! 【故宫景点英文名称? 午门 Meridian Gate 太和?Gate of Supreme Harmony 乾清?Gate of Heavenly Purity 神武?Gate of Divine Prowess 东华?East Prosperity Gate 太和?Hall of Supreme Harmony 中和?Hall of Central Harmony 保和?Hall of Preserving Harmony 养心?Hall of Mental Cultivation 交泰?Hall of Union 中正?Hall of Rectitude 奉先?Hall of Ancestral Worship 武英?Hall of Martial Valor 皇极?Hall of Imperial Zenith 乾清?Palace of Heavenly Purity 坤宁?Palace of Earthly Tranquility 翊坤?Palace of Earthly Honor 永和?Palace of Eternal Harmony 慈宁?Palace of Compassion and Tranquility 永寿?Palace of Eternal Longevity 钟翠?Palace of Accumulated Purity 景仁?Palace of Great Benevolence 储秀?Palace of Gathered Elegance 宁寿?Palace of Tranquil Longevity 咸福?Palace of Universal Happiness 寿康?Palace of Longevity and Health 金水?The Golden Water Bridge 珍妃?Well of Pearl Concubine 御花?The Imperial Garden 角楼 corner towers (turrets) 九龙?Nine-dragon Screen Wall 万春?Pavilion of Myriad Springtimes 千秋?Pavilion of One Thousand Autumns 宝蕴?Hall of Embodied Treasures 畅音?Pavilion of Cheerful Melodies ?studio, lodge, etc ?bower ?building, sanctuary, hall ?hall ?lodge, hall ?pavilion ]]></description> </item><item><title>杰夫的一??期:起床讲解(8) - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-10198-441226-1.html 美国文化脱口秀 ?8?初到上海 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-10193-441224-1.html 英语笑话:Pack Up 打包 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-10192-441222-1.html 英语时差:英伦青年登陆台北铁马环球挑?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-10183-441220-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[After 10 months of cycling and traveling by other means 14,000 kilometers halfway across the world, two young British men completed their incredible challenge last month with a climb to the top of the tallest building in the world-Taipei 101. The men, Duncan Hills, 26 and Jonathan Churcher, 24, were greeted at the finish line on the 91st floor of the 509.2-meter skyscraper in Taipei City by their families and Michael Reilly, director of the British Trade and Cultural Office. The two friends undertook the challenge as a personal adventure that started with a one-pound bet between them. They also managed in the process to raise 2,000 British pounds for charity. Hills and Churcher said the most unforgettable part of the whole journey was definitely the climb up 2,046 steps to the top of Taipei 101. "Taiwanese people couldn't be more hospitable. Thank you Taiwan," the excited Hills and Churcher said at the outdoor observatory of Taipei 101, after climbing for about 30 minutes on the final leg of their adventure. There was champagne, laughter and tears, and the mothers of the two men finally got to hug their sons for the first time in 10 months after the two men left the UK on July 28, 2007. ]]></description> </item><item><title>旅游英语口语就该这么??53?迎宾接待 填写登记?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-10117-441218-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Fine,now,could you please fill in this registration card? 好的。现在,请您把这张登记卡填一下,好吗? Sure,no problem. 当然可以,没问题? Please fill in this registration card while I prepare your key card. 请您填写这张登记卡,我来给您准备房卡? Yes, certainly. 好的? ]]></description> </item><item><title>每日一?943 sit well with:被某人接受 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-9857-441216-1.html 心脑血管福音:武汉大学发现新型降胆固醇化合?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-9854-441215-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Chinese researchers have discovered a new compound that can help lower cholesterol levels in the blood. 中国研究人员发现了一种新的化合物,可以帮助降低血液中的胆固醇水平? Long-term high levels of cholesterol in the blood can cause atherosclerosis, which may lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. 血液中如果长期存在高水平的胆固醇,会导致动脉粥样硬化,进而引发心脑血管疾病? Statins are the main clinical cholesterol-lowering drugs and are widely used in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. However, statins increase side effects after treatment. 他汀类药物是目前临床上主要的降胆固醇药物,广泛应用于心脑血管疾病的防治。然而,采用他汀类药物治疗会产生副作用? After a series of compound design and activity analysis, researchers from Wuhan University discovered a new compound that can lower cholesterol. 武汉大学的科研人员经过一系列化合物设计、优化和活性分析,发现了这种可以降低胆固醇的新化合物? The compound Cmpd 81 reduced cholesterol levels as well as the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in mice with hypercholesterolemia and atherosclerosis. When this compound is combined with statins, it can further lower cholesterol levels. 这一化合物在高胆固醇血症和动脉粥样硬化小鼠模型中试验时,可降低胆固醇水平和减少动脉粥样硬化斑块的形成。这一化合物和他汀类药物联合应用时,可进一步降低胆固醇水平? The research has broad application prospects in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The screening system in the research as well as the compound have been put in for patent applications. 这一研究成果在心脑血管疾病的治疗中具有广阔的应用前景。目前,此项研究相关的筛选系统和化合物均已申请专利? The research was published in the journal Nature Communications. 这项最新研究成果发表在《自然通讯》期刊上?   ]]></description> </item><item><title>亚洲首富嫁女儿,豪掷7个亿?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-9854-441214-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Guests including Hillary Clinton, Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas have arrived to watch the daughter of India's richest man tie the knot after enjoying days of lavish pre-wedding events. 印度首富嫁女,婚礼前的各种活动极尽奢华,希拉里克林顿、朴雅卡·乔普拉、尼?middot;乔纳斯都前去观礼? Bride Isha Ambani, 27, is tying the knot with 33-year-old real estate mogul Anand Piramal, a childhood friend and the son of another uber-wealthy businessman, in a wedding that is thought to cost $100million (£74.9million), according to Bloomberg. 新娘是现?7岁的Isha Ambani,新郎是现年33岁的房地产大亨Anand Piramal,是另外一个富商的儿子。两人从小青梅竹马,根据彭博社的报道,两人婚礼的花费10亿美?折合7??百万英镑)? The wedding is being hosted by the bride's father, businessman Mukesh Ambani, 61, who has an estimated fortune of $41.5 billion (£33.1 billion), at his towering 27-storey Mumbai home. 婚礼由女方的父亲?1岁商人Mukesh Ambani主持,其身家估计?15亿美?331亿英?。婚礼地点是在她?7层家中举行? Today, following two days of discos, brunches and a private concert from Beyonce in the northwestern city of Udaipur, Rajasthan, hundreds of guests arrived at the Ambani residence, which has been decked out in hundreds of metres of twinkling fairy lights and thousands of fresh flowers. 截止到今天,在两天的歌舞,早午餐,碧昂斯在拉贾斯坦邦,乌代普尔西北部城市举行完个人演唱会以后,数百宾客来到Ambani装饰有数百米长如同童话中的闪烁串灯,上千朵鲜花的府邸? In scenes that could have been taken from a Hollywood award show, newlyweds Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas posed on the red carpet outside as cameras flashed and fans waved. The bride is a close friend of Priyanka and acted as bridesmaid when she married Nick in their own extravagant Indian wedding last night. 一对新人Priyanka Chopra ?Nick Jonas在红毯上摆造型,照相机闪光不停,粉丝们挥手,这种场景只有在好莱坞的颁奖典礼上才能见到。新娘的闺蜜Priyanka担任伴娘,昨晚才和Nick结婚,婚礼也是非常奢华? Other guests include model Natalia Vodianova, former US Secretary of State John Kerry and Bollywood superstars Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. 其他宾客还包括模特儿Natalia Vodianova,前美国前国务卿John Kerry和宝莱坞的超级明星Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachchan 和Shah Rukh Khan? The entire street was decorated with elaborate floral arrangements and crowds of residents turned out to line road and watch the arrivals. 整个街道都有精致的花朵装饰,当地民众在道路上排成一队来观礼? Hilary Clinton, who stayed with the Ambani family at the Mumbai tower on previous visits to the city, did not stop to pose and dashed inside the building, accompanied by her aide Huma Abedin. 希拉里克林顿在之前的行程中和Ambani家人一起待在孟买的高楼里。她没有停下来拍照而是直接进去了,同行的是助手Huma Abedin? Both women were dressed in stunning Indian attire, with the former US Secretary of State opting for a long-sleeved beaded ensemble, while Ms Abedin, 42, chose a sleeveless dress with similar embellishment. 前美国的国务卿选择了长袖的绣珠服装?2岁的Abedin选择了无袖的连裙也是类似的装饰,两位女性都穿着印度传统时装,看起来十分漂亮? It has been reported that Miss Ambani, a Yale graduate, and Mr Piramal, have requested guests do not share photos from inside the wedding itself in a bid to keep it as personal and intimate as possible. 据悉,耶鲁大学毕业的新娘Ambani,和其丈夫Piramal都要求宾客不要把婚礼内部的照片分享,让这个婚礼感觉到尽可能的私人一些? However there has been plenty shared on social media from the pre-wedding receptions, with Beyonce among those who have taken to Instagram to offer a look inside the lavish events. 不过,婚礼前的接待活动就已经被各大媒体拍了许多照片刊登。从碧昂斯的Ins上就可以窥见婚礼现场时多么的奢华? The first hint of the nuptials' lavishness was the elaborate embroidered and gold plated Dolce & Gabbana box guests received as invitations. 第一个足见婚礼奢华小暗示,从发给宾客一个作为婚礼邀请的小盒子是Dolce & Gabbana牌子的,上面有刺绣还有金片? Each exquisite rose printed package contained a series of luxury cards which folded out to reveal details of the events that would be held across the five-day affair. 每件精美的印有玫瑰花包装都装有一系列豪华卡片,包括历?天婚礼的每个细节? Beyoncé was flown in especially for the a 45-minute private concert, which saw her make several costume changes and sing hit songs Perfect and Crazy In Love. The pop star pocketed $6 million for her last private gig back in 2014. 为了45分钟的个人演唱会,碧昂斯是特意飞来的,其间她换了好几套演出服,演唱了她的经典曲目《Perfect》和《Crazy in Love》。上一次私人个唱是2014年,当时捞金600万美金? Other reported VIP wedding guests included former Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington, 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch, BP Group CEO Bob Dudley, and cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar. 据报道,婚礼的魂斌还有前和芬顿邮报的主编Arianna Huffington?1世纪福克斯的首席执行官James Murdoch,BP集团的首席执行官Bob Dudley,板球传奇人物萨?middot;坦杜卡尔?   ]]></description> </item><item><title>Quora分享?1个技巧让ta更爱?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-9854-441213-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[tried-and-true tips. Quora上一位网友提问:爱情中最棒的技巧有哪些?网友们纷纷根据自己的经历给出了答案? 1. Keep a secret running list of stuff you partner wants to do or have. 1. 偷偷记下另一半想要的东西和想做的事情? Then, on a special occasion or when you have the money, take that special weekend trip, buy that nifty thing. 然后在一个特别的时刻或是当你攒够钱以后,带着TA去度假或是买下那个TA早就想要的小玩意儿? 2. After a fight go for walk and hold hands. 2. 吵架之后牵着手一起散步? Conversations are easier to have when you’re side-by-side rather than facing one another. Plus, can you really stay mad at someone when their hand is in yours? 肩并肩的谈话要比面对面容易得多。而且当你握着对方的手时你怎么还会生TA的气? 3. Use a silly codeword to ease tension during a fight or tough conversation. 3. 在吵架或争执时使用一些你们两人才懂的暗语来缓解气氛? Make a deal that if one of you says your secret defusing code word, you’ll both stop arguing, hug, and find a solution. Chiminychonga! 你们可以约定好只要其中一人说到你们的秘密暗语比如Chiminychonga什么的,你们就停止争吵,拥抱并尝试寻找更好的解决方法? 4. Date your longterm partner like you’re still in the honeymoon stage. 4. 跟已是老夫老妻的另一半来一场初恋般、蜜月期的约会? Pretend that you’re new to each other that you still have to work hard at being an awesome partner (even though you’ve already landed them). 你们可以假装刚刚认识对方,所以得非常努力地博取对方的好感和认可? 5. When you’re together, give them your full attention. 5. 两人在一起的时候,要把全部注意力都放在对方身上? Like don’t even scroll through your instas. Make your person feel heard by really listening. 比如不要不停地用手机刷instagrams,而要真正通过倾听来了解和关心对方? 6. Plan sponteneity. 6. 主动计划? Schedule in days of doing fun stuff you wouldn’t normally do like building a blanket fort or having an indoor campfire or going on a tandem bike ride. 计划做一些你们平时不常做的但有趣的事情,比如搭一个毯子堡垒、来一次室内篝火晚会或是进行一次双人自行车骑行活动等? 7. Say thank you constantly even for small stuff. 7. 即使是小事情也要常说谢谢? Look, even though they’re minor tasks, no one wants to replace the toilet paper roll or hang up your dumb shirts. Just let your partner know you appreciate their contribution to your little world. 虽然是一些很琐碎很不值得一提的事情,但其实没人愿意为你换厕纸、挂?服等等。所以要让你的另一半知道你感谢TA为你所做的每一件小事? 8. If you don’t really care about a thing, don’t argue about it. 8. 如果你真的不在意一件事情,就不要因此争执? Let little stuff go and only make it a thing if it’s something truly important to you. 不要计较一些小事,除非这件事对你来说真的相当重要? 9. Give empowering gifts. 9. 为TA想做的事情创造条件? If you partner has always wanted to learn tap dancing or go sky diving or travel solo but is too scared to take the leap or spend the money, show them your support and encouragement by gifting them the experiences they want. 如果你的另一半一直想学跳踢踏舞、想去跳伞或独自旅游但又缺乏勇气或是怕花钱的话,你就要表示出你的支持和鼓励,为TA创造条件帮助TA完成自己的心愿? 10. Be the antidote to your partner’s hangups. 10. 为你的另一半排忧解难? It feels damn validating when your partner goes out of their way to let you know they love the very thing about us we’re worried is weird or bad or flawed. 尤其是当你的另一半想尽办法方法让你知道TA喜欢帮你分担那些令你担忧的事情时,你会更加确定这一点? 11. Give praise. 11. 不要吝啬你的夸奖? Tell you’re partner how proud you are they got something done, took a step, faced a challenge, etc., no matter how small. 当你的另一半成功完成某件事、取得某种进步或面对某项挑战时,要告诉TA你为TA骄傲?   ]]></description> </item><item><title>波音公司开设中国第一?37工厂(双语) - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-9854-441212-1.html 英语?圆桌会议 Round Table:音乐APP的歌曲版权之?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-9913-441195-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[Topic1-Tencent sue Netease cloud music for copyright infringement If you are a user of Netease cloud music, have you noticed that some of the songs in the playlist have been removed from the platform? Since August, users found certain albums in Netease's domestic catalog were pulled from the shelves of its cloud. Clicking on the sound tracks, at the bottom of the page, the information says: "due to our collaborator's request, the resource is temporarily unavailable". What are the two Chinese top music providers fighting over? Round Table, Heart to Heart We will air questions from listeners and answer them on the live show. Have your question been chosen? You'll need to listen to find out! Topic2-10 Ways to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth If you're a dessert devotee who's trying to lose weight, we've got your back! For many dieters, their sweet tooth is their Achilles Heel—a force that overpowers all of their good intentions--but it doesn't have to be that way. Believe it or not, it's possible to satisfy your sweet tooth without going overboard or throwing your weight loss progress down the drain. To prove it's possible, we checked in with nutrition experts and asked them how they keep their cravings in line. (Yes, even diet professionals and nutritionists confess to cravings!) Here, they've revealed their go-to hacks and snacks that are sure to please your taste buds and whittle your waistline! ]]></description> </item><item><title>实战口语情景对话:The Plan 计划 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-9970-441193-1.html VOA慢速英语:人们对“虚拟看病”持怀疑态度 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-8387-441184-1.html 托福综合口语的答题原则有哪些 - 吉林体彩十一选五 //www.6yyxf.com/show-8349-441176-1.html 托福独立口语考试的要?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-8349-441175-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  1. 结构   大家知道,老外讲话更习惯于开门见山。与其一推理由之后得出结论,还不如先给出topic sentence, 然后再详细解释。因此,结构方面,建议考生们采取topic sentence + details的方式?   2. 细节   同学们在准备独立口语题的时候,最头疼的就是不知道该怎么阐述自己的理由。其实每个人都能说上一两句,关键是ETS要求”well-developed details”,这就成为了大家攻破?,2题的难点?   从学英语开始,我们就练习过很多造句,所以自然养成一句话解决问题的习惯。上课过程中,经常发现同学们喜欢用这样的句式“观点概括 + because + 一句理?rdquo;。这边放一?rdquo;because”, 自己就把自己限定死了,尤其是后面还高频出?rdquo;(because) I can …”, 这样想多说一点都不知道该怎么讲。所以刚开始,还是建议大家先用简单的句子把整个理由说清楚、说完整,然后我们再考虑怎么变换成更高级的句式?   下面主要谈一下理由的选择。因为发现大家一旦觉得自己是?ldquo;答题”,思路就堵住了,不是完全想不出理由,就是想到很?ldquo;官方”的话,很大很空,没什么实质内容。在选取理由上,我觉得有两个办法还是很好用的:一是以小见?二是个人观点?   (1) 以小见大   这个是防?ldquo;假大?rdquo;理由的一个有效办法。我们在写论文的时候都有过类似的经验,要想?万字不到的篇幅里把一个问题阐述清楚,选取的题目肯定不能太大,否则很难驾驭,结果往往是只能泛泛而谈。好比现在要写一篇关于英语口语的论文,选什么题目呢?我们心里面会有很多想法,语音语调、连读、用词、习语,什么都想讲,但一定不能什么都讲?   最好的办法就是只?,2个点,深入展开。我就是讲连读的问题,然后慢慢分析。说得细一点,再举几个例子,连读说得好是什么效?比如Friends里的对话),不好又是个什么结?比如传说中的”not at all”)。有具体的东西,才不会显得那?ldquo;官方”,才好引起共鸣?   独立口语题也是一样的道理。不管遇到什么题目,记住从小的方面来说,才容易讲到细节。我们平时在练习的时候,要习惯从小的方面来反映一个较大的问题。举个例子。如果让你描述一个人的外貌,时间?5s,怎么?你会不会把他从头到脚都讲一?不可能,因为时间不够。那要不然把五官都说一?也不好,因为很难讲细,讲不出特点。所以,最好就选一个最能表现他特征的地方,具体描述?   曾经听到Oprah是这么讲Jony Depp?rdquo;In person, it is the energy, it’s captivating. When you look into his eyes, it’s called captivating. You just wanna go?rsquo; You are so good-looking, and captivating.” (当然,我们在答题的时候,要避免出现三?rdquo;captivating”的现?hellip;…)你看,她就是选了眼睛这么一点来讲,就能给人留下深刻印象,确实Jony Depp的眼睛最吸引人,把这个说透了,其他的相比之下就不是重点了?   我们平时在看电影的时候,也会遇到很多类似的情况。其实电影里的台词还是很有启发性的。最喜欢When Harry met Sally里最后的告白?rdquo;I love you cuold get cool when it’s 71 degrees out, I love you that it takes an hour to have you order a sandwich,I love you get a little crinkle above your nose when you are looking at me like I’m nuts, l love you that if I spend a day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes, and I love you that you are the last person I wanna talk to before I go to sleep at night.”   你看人家解释得多?女生总是会喜欢问“你为什么喜欢我?”男生要是直接甩出一?ldquo;爱是没有理由?rdquo;,肯定没有上面段说得感人吧。人家就是从生活中点滴的小事入手的,都是很细节的东西,就像谁说过?rdquo;it’s those tiny little things that touches us the most”. 前几天看Meet Joe Black, 里面女主角的父亲在回顾自己的一生时,说人一生怎样才叫“无憾”?”When you can wake up one morning and say?rsquo; I don’t want anything more.’ ”这么一讲,听的人一下子就懂了?   所以,今后大家练习的时候,要记得说得细一点。不要担心自己讲的例子很弱智,托福独立口语能说清楚是关键,实在不行,结尾升华一下就是啦?   (2) 个人观点   正好前面提到?ldquo;升华”结尾,我们引出下一个话题?   其实独立口语题主要考的是阐述理由的能力,不是你的观点。观点鲜明就好,不需要刻意提升到某个高度。有个题同学们始终答不好”When choosing a job, do you prefer the one which offers a high salary, or the one that gives you a sense of self-accomplishment?”看到这题,大家一般的反应是这样的high salary → 自我否定(要高?self-accomplishment→ 想不出理?因为不是自己真正的观??   其实,这道题选哪一个都讲得起来。我就是选high salary, 那要怎么解释?不是?rdquo;personal opinion/preference”?那你就说”I think the job with a high salary offers me a sense of self-accomplishment ….”然后再具体解释原因,比如“我觉得高薪工作常与有挑战性的工作相挂?rdquo;,或?ldquo;薪水高了就能给家人提供更好的生活”,等等。还是那句话,能自圆其说就好?   了解了这点,有的题就不是那么难了。有次问学生”What will you do with a large sum of money?”他说”I will donate all my money to the charity.”然后坦白,其实他不是这么想的,但是觉得考官会比?ldquo;喜欢”这样的答案。自己都说服不了还怎么去说服别人啊?现在我们想想这题可以怎么?比如用这笔钱去旅游,可以增长见识;或是带着家人一起去,那么又可以有更多的时间一家人在一起,增进感情。当然你要全捐掉也很好,理由也很好想。这时要记住遵循第一点提到的“以小见大”原则,在解释你为什么要捐的时候,想想到底捐哪里,定一个方向就好,是地震的难民,还是希望工程的孩子,不要指望把爱心散播给到世界上所有需要帮助的人,很难讲清楚的? ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福独立口语的万能理?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-8349-441174-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  万能理由之一:Expand one's horizons   作为万能理由的第一条,expand one's horizons 绝对是不二之选。究其本意,单数的horizon ?ldquo;地平线、海平线”的意思,但复数的horizons 却指人们?ldquo;眼界、视?rdquo;,其英文注释为:The limit of your ideas, knowledge and experience. 略举一例:World history is a course of study that will broaden your horizons.   先看一个具体话题:   Should the government help to build more museums and theaters?   Yes, I think the government should help to build more recreational facilities.   Enrich citizens' cultural life   expand young people's horizons   have a place to go for fun on weekends   art exhibitions can improve public taste   再来看一个抽象话题:Describe the most important decision in your life. 面对此类抽象话题,最佳策略是将其具体化,变成一个日常生活话题,然后套用 我们的万能理由?   请看思路?   I think I made the most important decision in my life by choosing to go to an overseas university after graduation from high school in China.   而其中的一条主干理由就是:   It would broaden my horizons. 比如: Broaden my horizons   made friends with people from different backgrounds   travelled a lot around Europe and North America   visited various museums and historical places   作为主干理由?broaden my horizons,之下又 made friends, travelled a lot, visited various museums 等三条分支理由,思路极易展开?   万能理由之二?Learn   我们可以 learn skills, 也可?learn lessons 或从某个experience 里面去learn,成为某种learning experience.   很多情况下,knowledge ?skills 是不分家的:比如Which of the following has more influence on you: newspaper, TV or teacher? 媒体类的newspaper 或TV 固然好讲,但teacher 无疑是最佳的选择,因为teacher 直接跟learning 挂钩?   Teachers have more influence on me.   Pass on me knowledge and skills:   attending class is the only effective way of learning   knowledge not found in textbooks can be acquired   learn practical skills in addition to academic knowledge   类似的解题思路还体现在?   People who attend college will be more successful in career than those who don't.   显然,这是必须同意的命题?   Yes, it is generally true that attending college can increase the chance of career success.   Learn a lot of vital skills and gain knowledge:   academic knowledge helps to lay a solid foundation   reading and writing skills are vital to career success   having good presentation skills ensures promotion   三条分支理由中比较好的表达有?   lay a solid foundation, be vital to career success, ensure promotion. 分支理由越详细越好。Learn 作为万能理由我们可以正反面的充分论述观点,十分实用的论点?   万能理由之三:Money, finance & economy   很多话题都可以从经济的角度入手来回答。先来一道经典例题:The most important decision in your life.   思路如下?   Going to an overseas university   Achieve my independence   started to live on my own   learned a lot of practical skills such as cooking   became financially independent through a part-time job   如果我们选择 going to an overseas university作为答案?其中的一条主干理由就?achieve my independence?而在所有的independence 之中,financial independence 无疑是最直接、最现成、最有说服力的一种。简单说,就是通过在国外打工,earn money and make a living.   有些题目属于一眼就看穿思路的,如:Living alone vs. sharing rooms with other people.   Sharing rooms with other people is a better choice.   Sharing rooms is more affordable:   rental fee is relatively high for an average student   sharing rooms can ease their financial burden   other living expenses can also be shared   在这个回答中,我们可以学习到很多跟钱相关的表达方式:affordable, rental fee, ease financial burden. 说穿了就是save money, reduce costs 的意思? ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福口语如何条理更清?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-8349-441173-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  西方人说话之所以能够脱口而出、条理清晰,是因为他们在表达时都会事先在头脑中形成大致的一个逻辑框架,即对开头、中间和结尾进行规划。如果考生们能以这样的思维方式和逻辑与考官的思想达成共识,离高分也就近了一步?   大家都知道,在口语考试?个Task中,?个是Independent Task,后4个为Integrated Task。前?个可以直接根据指令来回答问题,而后面的4个要以综合听力和阅读的内容作答?   在Task 5的时候,加入的是听力的内容,也就是先听对话,再根据对话内容回答问题,准备时间?0秒,答题时间?0秒?   Task 5作为4个Integrated Task中唯一一个询问考生观点的题目,自然要求考生观点阐述相对于内容要更为简单些。因此,攻破这关的要点应按照“复述问题-复述方案-选择方案-阐明理由”的步骤来进行,而这个步骤也就是我们开头所提到的逻辑框架?   刚刚讲解的逻辑框架可能很大一部分考生一时也无法吸收,为了让考生们能迅速吸收口语考试秘籍之逻辑框架,小编特别将其大致概括为以下四步?   1.General Description of Main Problem   2.Two Possible Solutions   3.Personal Opinion / Choice   4.Supporting Reasons ]]></description> </item><item><title>托福口语常见的低分原因分?/title> <link>//www.6yyxf.com/show-8349-441172-1.html</link> <description><![CDATA[  首先细读OG官方指南,里面就明确指出出题会包?个方面:人物/物品/地点/事件,所以备考应该先从OG中比较典型的题目进行素材语料积累,对于相似的口语题能够进行套题,解决答题无内容问题?   其次很多题目是OG中没有包的新题或者难度比较大的口语题,那么同学们要根据答题要求并整理好答题逻辑,通常情况下主体部分阐述两个理由为对考生来说最有利的。虽然不排除一个理由和能力较好的同学可以说好三个理由的效果,但是两个理由从答题结构和时间分配来说是比较理想的?   两个理由不像一个理由略微单薄,另外45秒内我们可以把两个理由有条理地说出来并且有细节和例子支持,不像三个理由平均下来每个理由阐述仅寥寥几句,不够充实?   所以主体部分可以由两个大点支撑:first reason and second reason.   每一个理由展开的常用结构是:说理和细节,说理和举例。关于每一个理由的展开,大体上有两种常用结构,即说理和细节,说理和举例。通常情况下每一个理由三到四句话,大?0?0词是非常合适的长度。遇到没有话说的情况,推荐采取举例子的方式? ]]></description> </item></channel></rss> <script>(function(){ var src = (document.location.protocol == "") ? 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